77CanadianPharmacy.com is an online pharmacy based in Canada. With the website’s list of medical addresses, clients can easily find the drugstore merchandise of their choice.

77CanadianPharmacy.com Range Of Drugs

From cut-rate drugstore products, treatment medicines, and health care products, you can purchase almost all your medications in Canadian prices. You can choose from brand and generic drugs that have been approved by pharmacies from all over the world. At the moment, there are over 200 drugs available from their list of international online pharmacies, which have been certified and state-accredited.

77CanadianPharmacy.com Discounts

The best part about purchasing from this online store is that you can get prescription of medications that are reasonably priced and safe from reputable pharmacies. The reason behind 77CanadianPharmacy.com’s name is that you can get up to 77% discount when you order prescriptions from Canada.

77CanadianPharmacy.com Reviews

Unfortunately, this online pharmacy has been disapproved by LegitScript.com, and LegitScript.com even stated that this company’s operation-related risks have become major factors. In addition, the Hong Kong-based site ScamAdviser.com has identified the online pharmacy as a site that should not be trusted.

Client testimonials prove otherwise, though. Based on the client feedback, the online business has satisfied the medication needs of their clients. Most of the company’s clients are from the US and Canada. One client from Mississippi, whose name is One Jackson, stated that the online pharmacy has a great customer service and the prescription medicine prices are excellent. Another Texas-based client named Martin has testified that in a span of three months, he has been ordering medication from 77CanadianPharmacy.com for himself and fifteen other people he lives with. He said that he has saved thousands of dollars because of this.

77CanadianPharmacy.com Technology And Personnel

When you purchase prescription medicines from this online pharmacy, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the most modern computer structures and expertise are employed to make sure that client’s recommendations are precisely and appropriately filled in. What’s more is that you would be dealing with enthusiastic and expert client service representatives, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacists to guide and help you with your medication purchase.

77CanadianPharmacy.com Payment Methods And Delivery

When purchasing medications from this online pharmacy, you can pay using credit cards (Visa and Mastercard). And to guarantee that your medications and drugs you ordered will arrive safely, 77CanadianPharmacy.com has partnered with Xpress for that. The company provides two delivery options to their clients:

  1. Standard Delivery – Your purchase will be delivered within 12 business days and will cost you $10.
  2. Express Delivery – You will receive your purchase within 24 hours for £15.

All in all, 77CanadianPharmacy.com and its offers are good, but not good enough to make them amazing. We believe that the company needs to apply the following strategies:

  • Reduced shipping prices should be applied for customers who are from far places of the world.
  • Modalities such as the usage of live charts would be good to guarantee client satisfaction.
  • Medications for aged persons and children should be offered at discounted rates.

77CanadianPharmacy.com Conclusion

The interesting thing about this online pharmacy is that it sells both human drugs and pet drugs. The Express Shipping has been a great advantage for US-based clients who urgently need prescription drugs. Another good feature offered by the company is that you can order medications for pets through phone or online – thus, making it purchasing more accessible and cheap.


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  1. I have utilized this pharmacy for 10 yrs. Have NEVER had bad experience or issues with them..and would recommend them w.o. fail

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