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Pharmacy Reviews: Better safe than sorry

Safe online shopping Scams and horror stories of online shoppers can fill an entire library, niches that are concidered “high risk” are more exposed to these kind of scams, online pharmacies exists for almost a decade now and many criminal parties are trying to take advantage of it. One might encounter credit card fraud, massive spam, bad drugs for less fortunate ones and if you’re lucky, just terrible service.

Read Reviews – Avoid dissapointment

Our platform is opened to anyone interested in dropping a comment about his transactions, recommending a pharmacy as well as describing your bad experience with one. although we do not ask for contributing users to identify themselves for obvious reasons, we do screen reviews for spam, biased and reviews from online pharmacy representatives.

Patricipate – Contribute your own review

If you used our website and navigated between rogue pharmacies to find your successfull purchase, please write a review, you will help other shoppers to avoid the dissapointments you’ve suffered, have you ever waited for your shipment to arrive for more than one month? help others to avoid that experience.

Our Research: Common complaints

Package never arrived, no customer support.

You might have encoutered a scamming site, many of them will take advantage of the long waiting time and cash out the payment before you even had the chance to file a charge back.

First parcel did not arrive, waiting for second one doubles the already long time period.

Due to legalities customs sometimes ceases your purchase, it’s not likely to happend but if it did, notify your customer support and have them sending you a new parcel immediately.

Credit card charged more than once.

If the pharmacy is a reputable one, it might be a human error, contact customer support and ask to reverse the charges, if customer support can’t be reached and you didn’t receive the goods, contact your credit card company asap.

Product arrived crushed and unusable.

Online pharmacies are aware of that problem that might derive from rough transit, contact your customer support, don’t settle for a discount on your next purchase, they will reship damaged goods sometimes with a bonus.