is a pharmaceutical company that was formed in 2004 with the main goal of providing customers with affordable medicine. And Its Broad Range Of Products

Their primary target market are those who take medications on a regular basis. Also, the company envisions to offer an cost-effective alternative to the expensive medicines.

To give you an overview, the products that are offered on their website include those in the following categories: home medical, vitamins, diet & nutrition, medicine cabinet, personal care, sexual wellness, beauty, baby, among others. It is interesting to note that the pharmacy has about 10,000 products in its portfolio to choose from. And Its Loyal Customers

There are two reasons the online pharmacy has achieved the success that it has today. First is the loyalty of the customers to their products. Second, and more importantly, is the participation of the customers in giving feedback and advice so the company can boost its sales and improve on the weak areas.

What’s more is that the company has a team of highly efficient customer support to provide assistance to its customers all the time and to make sure that their customers are always satisfied. Customer Feedbacks And Reviews

The online pharmacy has been getting so many positive reviews from satisfied customers. One is from “Dada” who said that she had been looking for a certain product for a long time and she has finally found it on She added that she’s happy she found this all-in-one online pharmacy. Another review is from an anonymous shopper who said that her first shopping experience went smoothly.

There is one review from “Tony” who said that he was satisfied with the speed and efficiency of their service because his order was delivered faster than he had expected. He added that the online pharmacy’s customer sales team was so professional and their service was excellent. Another client said that he has been shopping on and is also satisfied and would shop again.

There are, however, other customers who are still not so sure about shopping again at and kind of hesitant when it comes to recommending the site to their friends (which is a normal for online shoppers who don’t want to get in any trouble). Coupon Codes

At the moment, the pharmacy does not offer any coupons. In order for them to increase customer interest and sales, it would be a good idea to introduce special offers and retain them for good (if possible). These promos could include:

  • Free shipping for a certain amount
  • Freebies with each completed sale
  • Buy-One Get-One promos


Although have had some negative reviews from dissapointed clients, it does not necessarily mean that the online pharmacy’s entire services are wrong. In fact, according to and, the pharmacy seems to be alright.

Now, it is up to you to find out and do some further investigation as to the company reacts and addresses those negative reviews, comments and complaints from unsatisfied clients.