[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t the AccessRx online pharmacy, the products are slightly different than those offered by other Internet sellers. Rather than deal with generic versions of popular drugs, sells the original branded formats, such as with branded Viagra by Pfizer rather than a generic Sildenafil Citrate compound. With each order, a manufacture date, expiration date, and lot number will be given. For users that would like to verify the authenticity of their Access Rx purchase, the manufacturing company can be contacted to verify that it is a valid order. In addition, the customer can also call the online pharmacy with any questions about their order.

The online pharmacy is found at the address and contains a FAQ for first time buyers. This page answers many of the common questions that a potential customer may have, including a detailed explanation of how the online consultation works. In addition to answering questions about the person’s general health, a report from a recent physical exam will be needed to process a purchase from the AccessRx website. In some cases, depending on the medication that is desired, the physical exam requirement may be waived.

Consumers that have found AccessRx scam reports from other websites will be pleased to know that the company values its reputation and will respond to any AccessRx complaints or inquiries in an expedient manner. When ordering, a customer is given an account number that will refer to all present and future purchases. This account number should be kept and used in case there are any problems with an order. As stated on the AccessRx website, the company has guarantees and policies in place to protect the consumer and have a rating of A from the Better Business Bureau as well as McAfee Secure accreditation for their technology and encryption methods.