A website providing links to medications without requiring any prescription, also allows for comparison of medication prices to make life your life easier. No Prescription Necessary

Through this website, you can easily access links to online pharmacies based in Australia, Europe, and India. If you are looking to get an online consultation regarding obtaining prescription for medications, you would be pleased to know that some of these online pharmacies offer such service. Since most of the online pharmacies included in this website list are those that do not require a prescription, this is a good option for customers who already have their condition confirmed with a doctor and have previously taken the medications. Medication Categories

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the website are the links to medications for many ailments. Although the website is quite busy because of the other texts surrounding the main areas, you will right away find the medication categories on the right hand side. These categories include: asthma drugs, men’s health, antibiotics, anti-malaria, anti-fungals, insulin, and sleep aids, among others. Disclaimer

The company mentions that the links to medications provided in the website ship to countries around the world, except for a few countries like Scandinavia and Canada. Also, clarifies that it does not directly sell medications, rather it only presents links to Australia, Europe, and India-based third party pharmacies. Furthermore, the company states that it does not collect any fee when you order because each of the pharmacies on the website has its own ID number. This means that from payments accepted to shipping policies and locations depend on the third party pharmacy individual regulations. Reviews 2015

Unfortunately, there are no testimonials nor customer reviews that can be found online for the website. However, according to, it is a rogue internet pharmacy – probably because it provides links to third party online pharmacies where prescriptions are not required. This is especially important for medications such as antidepressants and antipsychotics that would normally need a prescription.

On the other hand, provides the website a high-trust rating, most likely because it does not handle the prescriptions or payments of customers. There is little risk involved because the website simply acts as the middleman.

Meanwhile, NABP or The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy labeled the as a website that is not recommended. Coupons

On some of the medications the company links to, you will be pleased to find some discounts offered. In fact, there are a few specific pharmacies that offer 10% discount on all prescriptions that are new and reorders in the future. Some third party pharmacies offer free shipping on medications, as well. Conclusion

Overall, the website can be trusted because it is honest about the third party pharmacy links to the medications listed on the site. also explains that all the third party pharmacies are from outside the US, which means that there are different medication sales, regulations, and standards to consider.

The main issue with the website is the ability of customers to purchase medications even if there’s no prescription. This is illegal in the US and other countries because there are certain medications which need to be highly regulated.