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An online pharmacy providing high quality medications to customers without the hefty price tags.

CanadaMedNet.com Low-Rate, High Quality Medications

The company claims that buying from a Canada-based online pharmacy like CanadaMedNet.com can help American customers save up to 80%. Purchasing from the online pharmacy is pretty basic. Simply send in your American prescription, and its in-house Canadian physicians will later review it. Once your prescription is approved. licensed pharmacists in Canada will have it filled in British Columbia.

The over-the-counter medications provided by the company are also at low rates. One well-known medication that can give you large savings is Wellbutrin. When you purchase 300mg Wellbutrin in 90 tablets from a CVS pharmacy, you would normally need to pay $580. But with CanadaMedNet.com, you only need to pay $200. That’s $380 savings.

CanadaMedNet.com Purchasing Process

If you prefer to order medications online. simply fill out a couple of forms from CanadaMedNet.com and send over your prescription for the licensed physicians in Canada to approve it. In terms of payments, you can make them with Visa or Mastercard, money orders, or personal checks. Once your order is completed, you only need to wait 3 to 5 days for the processing time. What comes next is the 7- to 10-day shipping time. If, in any case, you still don’t receive your order in 14 days, the company suggests that you call the customer service. If you are not satisfied with the order you receive, refunds and credits are available.

CanadaMedNet.com Reviews 2015

At first glance, CanadaMedNet.com may appear to be legitimate. However, you should know that this online pharmacy is not PharmacyChecker.com approved. PharmacyChecker.com is a program used to verify if online pharmacies on the internet are legitimate and qualified.
Unfortunately, no testimonials nor customer reviews for the company can be found online. This is not helping the company when it comes to building its credibility and trustworthy rating online. One example is LegitScript.com which listed CanadaMedNet.com as an unapproved online pharmacy.

CanadaMedNet.com Coupons

Although the company does not offer any coupons on its website, nor does it offer coupons from third parties. However, considering that the prices of medications provided by CanadaMedNet.com are already discounted up to 80% compared to what other American online pharmacies offer.

CanadaMedNet.com Conclusion

Overall, this online pharmacy has a user-friendly website as names of medications are neatly listed and displayed in large font, alongside the discounted prices. The customer service seems pretty exemplary as well, since it prioritises on bringing the best for the customers. Furthermore, the website seems legitimate because it is serious about not selling prescription medications to customers who cannot provide doctor’s prescription.


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