is a mail order pharmacy or drug store located in Canada. is serving over 500.000 clients who search for generic pills and medical advice. Patients should always compare pharmacies and look for testimonials in order to make the best decision for their health and wallet. Some pharmacies sell high quality products at low, discount prices, others sell them at premium prices. Learning to separate the two can be done with a little research and reading pharmacy reviews, profiles and customer testimotials. Clients interested in buying pills from Canadian pharmacies should also look for CanadaPharmacyOnline scam reports and CanadaPharmacyOnline complaints in order to complications.

Canada Pharmacy Online has a large inventory of medical products. They offer generic prescription medications which are cheap and have the same effects as the brand versions. They also sell brand name pills and over-the-counter products. The Patient Care Specialists Department has a staff available 24/7 and 365 days a year for medical support and advice. If patients what to get a full refund on their order, they can return it up to 90 days from the day it was first shipped. Even if the package has been opened, Canada Pharmacy Online will refund 100% of the order’s value, even the shipping costs. offers generic drugs that are monitored by Canadian government agencies which are also responsible for reviewing the majority of Canadian pharmacies. has a program of reviewing a patient’s medical profile in order to establish if the products he or she is ordering can have dangerous interaction with other pills that the patient took or is taking at the moment. Online pharmacies should have good distribution practices and good manufacturing practices, that is why patients interested in ordering online should always compare pharmacies and search for their pluses and minuses. CanadaPharmacyOnline is a drug purchase solution, but clients should always read reviews and testimonials to find the best solution for them.

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  1. My credit card, which I used here and nowhere else, was fraudulently used within one week of purchase. Beware.

    1. I used them three times, the first two times it was a satisfactual experience, but the third time
      Nothing good happened.
      First the said the no longer accepted credit cards and I had to email them a voided check to pay for my purchase. I complied and then they called me a week later to verify I ordered the prescription.
      Then I expected to recieve my order in 3 weeks as quoted.
      I waited 4 weeks, and called them. They said they would trace the order and call me back.
      I waited another week after never hearing from them, then called again.
      They again said they would trace the order and get back, then two days later I get an emain saying the order was shipped.
      So I recieved my order 3 weeks late.
      I no longer will use this service.

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