Why do Canadian Pharmacies sell products from other countries?

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave you experienced ordering your prescriptions from an online pharmacy? If yes then you know that it saves your time and importantly your money. Among many, one of the reasons for online pharmacies is the cost. The Canadian pharmacies will shop around to find you the cheapest versions of your prescription or non-prescription drugs.

It’s a fact that buying of products from overseas is cheaper task and drugs are no exception to it. The Canadian online pharmacies order these drugs and make sure that they pass local regulations at a significantly cheaper price. In the market, you can find a wider variety of generic drugs in online Canadian pharmacies. The drug patent laws in Canada are not in effect as long as they are in the US, so more generic and cheaper drugs are available in Canada.

The generic drugs are almost identical to the brand-name drugs, except that they are made and manufactured by a different pharmaceutical company after the original drug patent has expired. Almost half of the generic drugs in the market are produced by brand-name companies.

Another way to save money can be by ordering a longer supply of your medication. You are permitted to order up to a 3-month supply of prescription medication. Make sure that you check your pharmacy’s website to see how long their shipping time is required from your location.