Established in 2001, is an online pharmacy based in Canada. The interesting thing about this company is that right from the day it was established, it’s customer base have substantially increased to over 27,500. This is because they offer their services to customers worldwide.

Worldwide Resources serves as a one-stop point of combined products and services from a range of pharmacies in the world. This include markets in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, UK, and India. Discounts

When you purchase prescription drugs from this online pharmacy, you can enjoy 30% to 60%. Also, if payments are made through personal checks, you, you can get an additional 4% discount on your purchased product. On top of these, you’ll find medication varieties at cheap prices. Included in these are blood pressure medicines, cancer pills, birth control pills, asthma medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, and anti-depressant drugs, among others. For example, if you are going to buy 30mg Actonel pills, you can get them at only $9.99. This is a lot cheaper compared to what local pharmacies offer, which is normally at $20.30.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
In addition, satisfaction guarantee is offered by when you purchase products from them. This means that if you are not satisfied, you can always return the product and get it refunded. There’s also the shipping guarantee to look forward to whenever you make transactions with this online pharmacy. This means that within a specified time period, you will be ensured that your orders are delivered safely and securely.

Order And Payment Processes

Placing orders has never been easier at You can place your orders through online support form, toll-free, call, email, or fax. Payments can be made via personal checks, credit cards, and money orders. This online pharmacy delivers your order between 10 and 18 days. If you are within the US, you would be pleased to know that the shipping is free. Coupon Codes

Apart from offering medicines that are 30% to 60% lower compared to what other online pharmacies in the market offer, another thing to look forward to when purchasing at is the savings opportunity including a personal check discount. When you pay via personal checks, you will get 4% discount. Also, free shipping is offered by this online pharmacy to all its customers based in the US. Reviews

At the moment, no feedback can be found online regarding, their products, and customer service. This should serve as a sign to take caution when doing transactions with this online pharmacy. As a customer, you have every right to know everything a company before you purchase from them. This is especially true when it comes to making online purchases. There are no reviews that say this online pharmacy is reliable, nor famous. It would be good to do more research and find out if the company is authentic. When a company is authentic, then it should mean the product and services they offer are authentic, as well.

Furthermore, no testimonials have been found about from their existing customers. This, thus, makes the website’s credibility questionable. When a website lacks this quality, customers would find it hard to develop their confidence to purchase.

Overall, this online pharmacy needs to improve their marketing strategy, in order to attract more customers. According to scam alert websites, lacks reliability and has very low popularity. With that being said, it’s hard to identify whether this website is considered as a scam, or it should be recommended to customers.


The website looks quite decent, and the ordering process seems customer friendly. If you are looking for branded or generic medications, is the place you can get just that. Also, they claim that they offer cheap medications which are 70% lower than the market price. These tactics are, however, worthless if the website do not gather positive reviews from their customers.