Conflicting Reviews: Should You Trust is an online pharmacy that deals with various pharmaceutical products. It serves people who prefer buying their medication online. the template-y site does not offer much information on the operation of the online pharmacy. The About Us section on the site does not offer any information on when the company was formed or how long it has been in operation.

This section of the website only states that the drugs sold on the site have all been approved by WHO and the FDA. It also claims that the store goes to great lengths to ensure that the medication they provide is of the highest quality. There is no information that points to the location of however, ScamAdvisor says that the site is based in the US, although the exact location is not disclosed.


The site even has a blog that only praises the product they provide. Most of the drugs sold on the site are generic. Most of these drugs are soured from Indian pharmaceutical companies. Generic Viagra from the site is from the company Aurochem. Aurogra 100 mg sells for $1.72 per pill, with a minimum of 30 pieces being sold in a pack for $51.

For orders above $250, the company provides free shipping. Regular shipping costs $22, with the medication taking 19-20 days to arrive. Express shipping takes 14-15 days and costs $25. The difference is not that big. When it comes to payment, there are various options. These include e-cheques, credit and debit cards. However, the site does not make mention of the security measures taken to ensure privacy of information.

Refunds are reshipments are given if the drugs are lost, damaged or the wrong order is shipped. Even though the site has a live chat section, there was no customer care representative to attend to those who need the service. No phone number is listed on the site, making direct communication very difficult.

Site Reviews

There are not many online reviews of this particular site. However, there is a review by a user, Chang3, who posted a review on another site,, a forum site. The user claims to have ordered drugs from the site, but did not get the order, despite paying for the same. He later found out that his order had been sold out. He went further to request a refund, but the store did not give him one. Instead, the customer care representative gave him the option of choosing other products.

This is a horrible experience from a user and those considering buying from the site should think twice. Despite this negative review in 2014, there is a positive review on another review site, on the site, received a rating of 7.4 out of 10.

In a 2016 review by Stella Shelton, the site received a rating of 5 out of 5. The site was recommended to her and after trying it out, the product worked well. Even though the review was positive, it was not verified. This means that the review could have come from someone who was not a real client.

Conclusion is just another online pharmacy with nothing extra to offer. It has very few online reviews, and judging from the negative review, the site offers poor service.  Also, the site should also disclose more information on their operations, including their location and experience in selling medication online. their customer service could also undergo improvement.