Elife-Pharmacy.com is an online medicine store that is based in India. All medicines they sell are manufactured and shipped from India and are approved by the Food and Drug Association of India. They market only generic medicines. Some medicines are those for medical conditions such as heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, painkillers, cholesterol inhibitors, skin care, weight loss and a lot more.

Elife-Pharmacy.com Mission

The mission of the company is to provide customers to easy access to risk-free purchase of generic medicines. To achieve this end, it gives it customers value for money on its prices, lowest price possible, and 100% customer satisfaction. The company has a  team of very efficient customer care representatives and  this department also has a very organized flow of transactions. The customer care representative provides various strategies to encourage customer interest. These strategies include email, online chatting, phone queries, and the “contact us” link on its website.

Elife-Pharmacy.com Reviews

This online store has a positive customer feedback based on the research that we conducted which makes this online store a reputable online store.  One customer identified as “ Kris A.” commented that he is very satisfied with the online store. He has ordered from the site two times already and both transactions went smoothly. The items were delivered on time and he received the items in good condition. He mentions he will continue to order from Elife-Pharmacy.com next time.

Elife-Pharmacy.com Shipping

This online store maintains only two courier service which are (EMS) Express Mail System and Airmail Express. EMS takes 2 weeks to deliver the shipment while Airmail Express takes 2-3 weeks for its products to be delivered. Both couriers use tracking numbers. The EMS tracking number is activated within 4 days of starting of shipping the product and the Airmail tracking number is activated only when an attempt is made to deliver the order. All orders made on this online store are shipped for free. Although no mention is made on their no exchange/no refund policy.

Elife-Pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

No coupon codes were offered by this store. But you will be amazed by the discounts that they offer.

This online pharmacy has been providing its clients with the lowest possible prices for its quality medicines. For example, generic Viagra can be bought for only $0.74 per tablet. They also offer Erectile Dysfunction medicines at discounted prices. Discounts are also given for bulk orders of a minimum of 500 tablets.

The store accepts payments through Western Union and MoneyGram or through credit cards such as VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.


Elife-Pharmacy.com is a legitimate and reputable online store. Through the years, it has proven its reputation by way of satisfactory client feedback and amazing discounts without compromising the quality of their products. One can be assured that their medicines are genuine and the efficacy rate is 100%,  You can purchase your medicines without any doubt about the legitimacy of the website or the quality of their medicines.

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  1. order not received requesting a refund for 2nd time
    you can ship to my 3 addresses

    also cant email you from emails you have sent me.


    Your shipping code is RN197058525GB. You can track your parcel on http://www.track-trace.com/post or your local postal company website. It may take up to three days until your tracking number appears on the tracking systems.

    If you have any questions please contact us.

    Best regards
    elife-pharmacy.com support team

    1. These guys are not real they are scammers, they do not have genuine email addresses and i have already informed all police to investigate them.

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