is an online pharmacy that provides customers with affordable and quality online medicines. The company has been in business for almost 4 years, and is considered as one of the most authentic online stores. No wonder it is enjoying a growing loyal customer base. delivers medicines door-to-door and offers free shipment for orders above $150. What’s more is that customers are provided with a range of safe payment options done online with an additional perk of 10% additional pills for transactions done through online banking or cash payments.

They offer a wide range of medicines available for different medical conditions. Aside from paying conveniently, they also offer customer support and online chat for any customer queries regarding the best possible prices and any additional discounts. also serves as an information center to any searches related to any medical condition and its cure.

Shipment takes from four (4) to fourteen (14) business days. Customer Reviews enjoys a fairly positive status on different blog sites, review sites, and pharmacy forums. Most of the customer satisfaction comes from the good quality of their products, efficient customer support, and availability of a wide range of non-controlled generic medicines in their store. It’s worth noting that they offer excellent customer service through their responsive team of technical support agents available on phone, email and, live chat.

One customer says that on one of his calls..the customer service representative offered to give him an additional 5% discount on his purchase. They also allow their customers to track their orders through a tracking number provided by the company.

The customers not only praised the price of the medicines offered by the online pharmacy, but also the high quality medicines delivered to their doorsteps. Furthermore, in cases where a particular medicine was not available, the product was immediately updated and added to the list of unstocked medicines where the customer can immediately know the status online. This only goes to show how serious the company is in conducting business with its clients. Moreover, the website is also convenient to use with fast access to information, details, and prices of each medicine.

In general, they have a positive rating with regards to the quality of their products, customer service and ease of website browsing – while getting a moderate rating in their delivery time. 2014 Customer Feedback

The primary consideration for this review was the client feedback from customers who have purchased medicines from the website in 2014. Through this information, we kept people up to date and helped clients make better choices based on their online experience.

One of the satisfied customers, D.M. Thusahra highly recommended this website. He says that the support team and their knowledge about medicines was excellent. He mentioned that he also enjoyed the 10% discount offered by the website on his succeeding purchases.

Another satisfied customer is Paul. He said that he was intimidated and hesitant to purchase generic medicine online. But when he tried purchasing at, he was happy. He said his orders were delivered on time without any delay and he was also satisfied with the SSL, McAfee and other verified consumer payment guard undertaken by the website for safe transactions.

Another review is from from Mary Boulton who said that has proven to be a safe and reliable site to purchase online medicines and that it is real. They deliver on time and the medicines she bought worked to her satisfaction.


In an industry where scam and online fraud is considered inevitable and normal, it is pleasant to note that this site is reliable and trustworthy. This website deserves a perfect 5 on a scale of 1 to 5.


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    I had such a bad experience with them.
    I ordered “Tadalafil Professional tablets, valid for 24 months”. The order was placed at the beginning of January, they called me immediately, talked to me very politely and friendly and off course, my credit card was charged immediately, but after that, I did not received any e-mail or shipping details for more than a month. I called them a few times (from Europe) but every time got the same reply – be patient, the parcel will arrive soon.
    When I finally received the parcel at mid-February, I noticed that I was cheated, I got wrong tablets, which were produced DEC 2012, (more than 2 years ago), and expired date MAY 2015 (in their website it is clearly mentioned – valid for 24 months).
    I contacted them by e-mail, but no reply, I called them, they ask me to send photos of the tablets as a proof, and they will decide what can be done. I called them more than 20 times from abroad, I asked them for refund, but they would not refund my credit card, I agreed to give them a chance to send me the correct tablets, with validity as promised, but did not get clear answers.
    Now, 4 months after charging me, my conclusion is that the only purpose of the company behind the website, is to cheat and still money for innocent people, and send them tablets that would have been thrown into the trash.
    During my many telephone conversations with their representatives I heard so many excuses, too many stupid replies, making me feel as a fool that can be manipulated easily, till I will give up, and compromise with the loss of payment.
    I hope they will loss also, many potentially customers

  2. One of my all trime top pharmacies. i purchased my Diabetics pills from them, the service was excellent they even ordered a pill brand they didnt have because i asked them (they called me a few times after the actual purchase- to verify me i guess).
    in any case the order came in pretty fast and now i am waiting for the other pills to arrive.

    thanks Genericdoctor!

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