Before we go ahead and discuss what HCGDietJourney.com has to offer, let’s have a quick overview on what HCG is. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a hormone that is released during pregnancy. It is an agent in helping the fetus grow normally. Also, it has been found that this hormone can help in losing weight, especially when done to coordinate with diet.

All About HCG And Losing Weight

HCG comes in many forms. It can be swallowed, in spray form, or injected. But the best proven option is hormone injection. This is because once it’s injected, it directly reaches the bloodstream, unlike other options.

You need to take note, though, that it’s not the hormone injection that helps you lose weight – rather, the HCG diet you maintain. A proper HCG diet includes two meals taken each day (lunch and dinner). Each meal should contain lean meat, vegetable, a slice of bread, and a fruit. This kind of diet gives your body only 500 calories to consume, and in turn, lets you shed off at least 1 pound a day.

When you stick to the HCG diet, know that the role of the hormone injection are only to reduce hunger pangs and release more hormones, to help you lose weight. This is ideal for those who have hormone deficiency, such as those who are going through menopause. This is where HCGDietJourney.com comes in most handy. Headquartered in the US, HCGDietJourney.com is a website that provides you HCG products, diet plans, consultations, and recipes.

HCGDietJourney.com Reviews

When you search for reviews about this online company, you’ll find that most of them are complimentary. There’s this one consumer who advised everyone to get their HCG products. She mentioned that the HCG from HCGDietJourney.com was live, unlike those sold by other companies which are put in alcohol, thus killing the hormone. Also, she said that once you receive your HCG, you need to keep it refrigerated because it has a 40-day expiration. She added that to make sure that the HCG is real, you can use a pregnancy test kit. If it tests positive, then it is real.

Unfortunately, a negative review has been posted about the company selling HCG products that are fake. This consumer in particular bought products from this online shop after being convinced that she is going to receive real non homeopathic HCG products. When she tested the HCG product she bought from HCGDietJourney.com with three pregnancy tests, all came back negative. She said that she has not found any online shop that sells legitimate HCG products so far. She advised people to go directly to a doctor’s clinic to make sure that you get HCG products that are in best quality and effective.

HCGDietJourney.com Online Presence

It comes as no surprise that this online store is popular in social networks and the internet. It even has an app that can be downloaded into smartphones, so you can access the website anytime, anywhere. Through this app, you can get alerts on HCG products, recommended recipes, and guidelines through the HCG diet for best results.

Coupon Codes

At the moment, there are no discount or coupon codes offered for the HCG products sold on HCGDietJourney.com. When there are discounts or coupon codes, the website automatically alerts their customers through an app. This app can easily be downloaded into your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

If ever you are not able to get a coupon code through HCGDietJourney.com, you can still get some through other trusted websites that offer them. Alternatively, you can request for a coupon code through browser apps or social networks.

When you reach a certain number of product purchase, you could get a free shipping service from this online company. The offer also applies some products. This can come in advantageous in saving a lot of money, especially if you are going to buy the expensive and special products. What’s more is that when you refer the products and diet plan of the company to your friends in different social networks, you will be rewarded with points. You can then use these points and turn them into discount offers.


Since the website receives high traffic of visitors, it comes as no surprise to find that the website is popular in Google and Alexa ranking. It is a reliable and trusted website since a 100% trust score has been given to it by ScamAdviser.com. That being said, you can go ahead and carry out any financial activities without having to worry about being scammed or losing money.

Also, since the online company is active in social scenes, HCG products and diet plans are very popular among many people. This means that many customers have used the site, and that they found HCGDietJourney.com to be a legit online shop to buy HCG products.