is an online store that specializes in the manufacture and marketing of chemicals and peptides, and has satisfied customers. This online store prides itself that their products pass strict laboratory testing by skilled and well trained research staff. And Its Customer Service

Customers are also assured of fast and prompt delivery of their orders. has an efficient team of customer service representatives to ensure that all client queries are satisfied and that complaints are attended to at the fastest possible time. It also has priority shipments within the USA and has 100% guaranteed delivery. Newsletter regularly updates its clients as to the latest products, promotions and services through a newsletter it sends to its clients. This way its regular customers are always informed.. Customer Reviews

This online store has earned quite a good customer feedback:

  • Danny Stou ordered Melanotan II 30mg. for his research and reports that this product is the best, and raises no doubts on the effects of the product. He is also pleased with the affordable price and recommended it to his colleagues and has decided to making repeat orders from this online store.
  • Phillip Pizzuco has been ordering CJC 1295 DAC 200Omg. and was satisfied with the products. According to him,’s efficient customer service representatives attends to his every need and queries. He is a satisfied client and has not encountered any problems.
  • On the other hand, J.Hog had some negative comments about as his orders were delayed and all his follow up emails to this online store were not attended to. Reputation And Reliability

Not much information can be obtained about regarding its legitimacy online. It has a 72% percent safety rating which could mean that there is a possibility of customers being shortchanged. Coupon Codes And Discounts exerts an effort to offer discounted prices on selected items. The lucky customers who receive a special coupon code usually gets a 10% discount good for single purchase which could make each customer more interested in their purchases.

They are offering a special 3 pc. pack which are sold at discounted prices:

  • Clen+Keto+Yohimbine $ 99.00ml/.c.  combination of Clenbuterol 30ml. Ketotifen fumarate 60ml. and Yohimbine HCL 30ml.
  • Tamox+Clom+Anast $189.00. combination of Tamoxifen 60ml. Clomiphene 60ml. Anastrozole 60ml.

They are also offering a special discount for Thymosin Beta 4 (4 vials) for only $89.00. Conclusion

It is normally a difficult task for suppliers and customers to find a good online company which supplies quality yet cheap chemicals. This is because most companies that offer cheap prices sell low quality products. tries to change that by offering customers with the most affordable prices while not compromising the quality of their products. However, there are reports coming from dissatisfied clients regarding some concerns about the lack of effective communications. This makes some clients become suspicious and some come to the conclusion that might be an illegitimate online store.