Kamagra-Fast.co is a London based pharmacy store that specializes in selling medicines for erectile dysfunction problems. As a customer, you can be assured that are getting the high quality and safe pills without the embarrassment that accompanies ordering erectile dysfunction pills online.

Kamagra-Fast.co ER Products

Their flagship products are Kamagra (generic Viagra), Tadalafil (generic Cialis) and Valif (generic Levitra). This website has been dispensing genuine Ajanta Pharma products and customers come usually by recommendation.

While generic drugs are available over the counter in many places in Europe, it is advised to seek a doctor’s prescription and be aware of any contraindications concerning generic erectile dysfunction drugs. It is also advised to know about any medical and legal technicalities about generic drugs in a customer’s locality.

Kamagra-Fast.co Shipping And Delivery

Paid orders are shipped from London and are released for shipping on the same day provided that the orders are received before 1400H GMT. Packages are delivered through Royal Mail Airsure and next day delivery is assured for shipments within the UK. It takes 5 working days for delivery to Europe and the rest of the world.

A customer does not have to sign up or create an account for an order. However, for returning customers, it is recommended to log in as this gives the customer priority on his order. This website has a customer service desk that is open 24/7 to assist clients with inquiries.

Kamagra-Fast.co Reviews

ScamVoid.com reports that this online pharmacy is safe and reliable as there are no negative reports from its clients. Although it is advised to exercise caution when disclosing personal and financial information. This website appears to have a good trust rating and has not been placed on the blacklist by security services.

ScamAdviser.com, howevers, says that being a young company exposes it to some risks regarding its legitimacy and reputation. There have not been any customer reviews so it is still unclear and Kamagra-Fast.co has to show proof for this.

LegitScriprt.com has listed Kamagra-Fast.co as a rogue site as it was discovered that it failed to comply with the rules and regulations for online pharmacies and medical stores.

Kamagra-Fast.co Discounts, Special Offers, And Freebies

Kamagra-Fast.co has no coupon codes but it does have a line up of ED pills that are on discount:

  • Intimax blue pills 108 tablets       L 114.95
  • Intimax blue pills 64 tablets        L  95
  • Intimax blue pills 32 tablets        L  95
  • Intimax blue pills 16 tablets         L  95
  • Intimax blue pills  8 tablets          L  95
  • Intimax blue pills  4 tablets          L    95
  • New Kamagra Fizz 21 tablets         L  95
  • New Kamagra Super 24 tablets         95
  • New Kamagra Super 48 tablets 95
  • New Kamagra Super 16 tablets L 74.95

Kamagra-Fast.co also offers freebies on purchases of Kamagra Generic

  • Buy 12, Get 4 Free
  • Buy 24, Get 8 Free
  • Buy 48, Get 12 Free

The more the customer purchases, the more savings He gets from Kamagra-Fast.co. And as an added attraction, with each of these order, a customer gets 10% discount on the next order.

Kamagra-Fast.co Conclusion

It is always better to be safe than sorry. While this site appears to be safe and trustworthy, prospective customers are advised to think well before deciding to deal with this company. According to ScamAdviser.com, this online store survived the 250 days life expectancy by luck. It is better to look for a more established site.