[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he LANTUS SoloSTAR is prescription insulin pen that allows you to conveniently push the button for injection. A pre-filled 300 units of insulin are packed in a disposable pen. With a help of dosage knob at the end of pen, one can adjust the specific dosage. Importantly, a consumer must keep the unopened pens in the refrigerator until he or she wants to use. Before using, a consumer must warm up the pen according to room temperature. Once open, pen must be used within a time frame of 28 days otherwise pen will get expired. Always fit a new sterile needle on each use – never reuse a needle.

Ways to use your LANTUS SoloSTAR:

1)   Carefully check the label to make sure that you are using a right insulin.

2)   Attach a new sterile ultra fine needle. Do not reuse it.

3)   Safely test the pen by dispensing a small amount of insulin as this will remove the air bubbles. This ensures that pen is working properly.

4)   Turn the dosage knob to end of the pen as per the prescribed amount.

5)   Select an injection area on your upper arm, thigh or abdomen.  One must choose different injection areas every time.

6)   You must position the needle, insert, and then push the injection button on the top of the pen.

7)   After injecting, consumer must leave the needle in the skin for a few seconds. Later press on the injection site for a few seconds.

8)   Dispose of the used needle properly in a sharps container.