in an online specialty store that started in 1998 and for over ten years now, sells Chinese herbal health products. Within this span of time, has provided customers with quality health products diligently. They have a wide array of Chinese herbal products which are reasonably priced. This is the very reason that make this store more enticing to its customers. To add to this, this online store’s detailed information about its products and makes it easier for its clients to decide what products would be suited for their needs.

Moreover, has a safe process for all its online transactions, making sure that all information gathered from its customers are treated with utmost confidentiality. The system of security they use have a safety net to avoid unauthorized access of third parties. Customer Reviews

Here are some of the reviews the store got from its customers:

Latoya G. is one of’s satisfied user of its Chinese herbal products and has never been disappointed with her dealings. She happily points out the website’s prompt customer assistance and efficient delivery system. She says she will continue to purchase her health supplements from

Another satisfied client is Wendy S. She notes that has a good list of food supplements and Chinese herbal products for sale. She also says that the website provides good customer service and that she will be a loyal patron of, which she recommended to her friends, as well.

Kathryn Z. has good words to say about and has been a regular customer for a long time. One thing she likes about is that shopping with this website is so easy, and the information it provides is concise and detailed. She also says that their products are reasonably priced and that has a prompt delivery system too. All these factors have made her a satisfied customer of Coupon Codes offers discounts and special promos for their products.

  • Free shipping for orders within the USA and must have a minimum order price of $95.00 or more. Some products are even at 50% discount. These products are those nearing the expiry date or those that are almost expired.
  • Free samples are given out to customers but the condition is that the customer will have to shoulder the shipping fee.

The discounts given will always benefit the customer as this gives more value for their money however, it is not a good idea to promote expired products on sale.


To conclude this review, has continued to enjoy a good reputation despite the fact that it sells expired products. is a legitimate and reputable online store due to the  good customer reviews that it has garnered from satisfied customers, high quality products it offers, and the efficient customer care it provides its clients. However, must put in more effort in improving the discounts they offer its customer. This will be a sure way to increase its sales.