is an online pharmacy that offers a wide variety of medicines to its clients. Each products has detailed information about its medicine, the prices, and the conditions that each medicine treats. Furthermore, helps its customers understand what they are buying, about the compsoition of each medication and precaution and possible side effects if there are any.

Some of the drugs that they offer are Zithromax, Cialis and Viagra ( Erectile Dysfunction medicines), Amoxicillin, Clomid, Propecia, Xenical, Tramadol, Accutane, Robaxin, and much more. Details claims to sell the lowest affordable price. Ordering from them is easy as instructions are given on the order page .

Reasons For’s Mixed Reviews Negative Internet Reviews

There are mixed customer feedback that garnered online. First, on the negative side, take note that LegistScript that gave the site a failing grade was due to the fact the it violates Federal or State laws on safety standards on medical or pharmaceutical practices. They warn prospective customers to do more research about the company first and to be careful about sharing financial and personal information. Legitscript also reports that is a bogus online phamacy. and also state that the trust score rating of is zero. Moreover, discovered that was put on the blacklist by trusted security services like SpamhausDBL because of its reputation of shady deals which the company involves itself.

Suspicions about was bolstered due to other information gathered that it engages in credit card fraud, scams, identity theft and low popularity is the social networking sites. It is suggested that consumers, who look for other reliable online pharmacies for their medical needs should be careful about before considering this unsafe online pharmaceutical store. Positive Customer Testimonies

However, also has its share of positive client reviews that were found online. These reviews came from satisfied customers who have repeatedly purchased from They mused about the quality of medicines and the good service and prompt delivery.

According to them, is an good online store that never dissapoints its customers. In some cases where they encounter problems with bungled deliveries, guarantees that it will be solved and accepts refunds.

William has been a repeat customer of for a long time and he regularly orders Cialis. He discovered that this drug could help him with his ED ( Erectile Dysfunction) problem. He began ordering from and has not experienced any problems with this health, nor with any transactions with this online pharmacy. William thanks

Morrison is another satisfied customer who is grateful to for providing him with Viagra, another ED drug. Before he came across, he has bought from other online store but the medicines did not work on him. Now that he started ordering Viagra from, his sexual health has greatly improved. He now has a steady girlfriend who appreciates and is proud of him.

William S. has had problems with his sexual life and that aggravated his relationship with his wife. He discovered and ordered Levitra, another drug for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Since then, his problem was solved and now enjoys an active sexual life and satisfies her wife immensely.


It will be quite difficult to make a realistic assessment for based on the conflicting reviews gathered. Others may rate a 1 star rating out of 5 stars while others who posted good testimonies for will give it a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating.

Everything will depend really on the experience that a particular client has. In general, it will always be a wise thing to do a good research about an online store and find out as much as you can before deciding to make a transaction.