is a company that markets medicines that specializes in men’s sexual health. It sells Viagra, Cialis and Levitra which are drugs for erectile dysfunction. This online pharmacy store makes every effort to make sure that the medicines they sell are of good quality, safe and affordable. procures its products directly from reputable and legitimate manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry to eliminate any doubts from its customers. The medicines are reasonably priced and FDA approved, too. Customer Reviews And Feedback

There are no existing customer reviews about One reason for this maybe that is only a 2-year old company. Furthermore, this online pharmacy does not enjoy a good following among its buyers and none among them had any positive things to say.

However, three trusted security services made a comprehensive review of this online pharmacy store and revealed the following:

– LegistScript conducted a review of and reported that it is a rogue online pharmacy meaning it did not meet the standards required for an online pharmacy and may have committed some violations

– ScamAdviser reports that garnered a low trust rating of 43%. Some factors for this is that the location of this company is not divulged, which raises suspicions among its customers.

– ScamVoid also reiterated the views of the two security services and came with the conclusion that has a bad reputation and low trustworthiness rating. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that should not be patronized by customers looking for quality medication. Coupon Codes

It is rather peculiar for an unpopular online pharmacy specializing in men’s sexual health not to release any coupon codes for its customers. Coupon codes are an essential part of a good marketing strategy as this will enable customers to avail of discounted products in their purchases. Every online store has to come up with attractive promos and special deals to make it appealing to its prospective customers.

This online pharmacy has offered discounts on its main signature products, though – including:

  • Viagra ( Sildenafil) 50/100mg. for as low as $ 0.96
  • Levitra ( Vardenafil) 20mg. for as low as $ 2,13
  • Cialis ( Tadalafil) 10/20mg. for as low $ 1.66 Conclusion

For the record, is an online pharmacy store that has earned quite a number of negative customer feedback. It is most likely that this store might be offering low quality placebos that can endanger the health of the user. It is always advised to make a meticulous background check on the details to make sure that all the information and description of each product are genuine and FDA approved. It is also suggested to exercise caution in divulging personal and financial information as it is possible for fraud and other malicious activities to happen.