An online pharmacy based in Mexico, claims that their strength lies in their ability to be flexible and efficient in terms of procuring medicines internationally, and getting them delivered worldwide. License received its license from Mexico’s National Health Agency. A number of times a year, Mexico’s national health department checks and inspects the online pharmacy’s headquarters to ensure that all products they offer are safe and legal. The company then receives a seal of approval for good business practice, and most importantly, a certificate of health. Security

When browsing and purchasing from this online pharmacy, you are guaranteed the highest level of security with their GeoTrust SSL Certificate which uses 128-bit. You can then have the peace of mind knowing that all the information you provide are kept safe from third-party users and scammers. Reviews

Unfortunately, there are many negative reviews about the company’s services, mostly from unsatisfied customers. There’s one particular customer who shared his sentiments on the online pharmacy’s poor service. He explained that upon checkout of 10 Roxicet pills (30 pieces) from the website, he was asked $450, and an additional payment for shipping which costs $40. He didn’t want to pay that amount, and so he called up the company’s customer service. And to his surprise, the customer service representatives sounded shallow and sketchy because they weren’t able to answer all his questions about products, prices, and shipment clearly. What’s more is that they can hardly communicate English. The unsatisfied customer said he’s not generally concluding that the website is a scam. He, however, warns people to take be extra careful when dealing with the company.

There have been reports about this online pharmacy as being untrustworthy and unreliable. Also, the company’s country of origin was not specified clearly which is doesn’t sound right. Because of these, has given a 0% trust score rating.

In addition, has warned people about this online shop because of the violations on some federal and state laws, alongside other rules and regulations of online pharmacies., therefore, has labeled the online pharmacy as a rogue site. Coupon Codes

At the moment, there are no coupon codes offered by the online pharmacy. This, probably, explains why there have been complaints from customers about the company’s high-priced products. Coupon codes are important, especially for customers who want to save money. On the company’s end, this strategy can also be very beneficial because it can create more business.

For these reasons, we suggest that should start considering the introduction of special offers to customers, such as:
– Weekly or monthly special offers

– Special vouchers for a specific type of customer/patient

– Free shipping when a total order reached a certain amount Conclusion

Ignoring all these negative reports and warning signs regarding the online pharmacy would be a bad choice. These are actual testimonials from unsatisfied customers. If you still choose do business with the company, you might be putting yourself at risk, and your hard-earned cash to waste.


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  1. These comments you make are tantamount to a liable issue… Whoever you are that is giving us a one-star rating, is without merit. FYI, we are a legitimate pharmacy holding all necessary permits and licences that are required of us; also employing several licensed pharmacist. In addition, we were one of the first online pharmacies back in 1992 when only BBS’s were around, way before the advent of HTML, Images, etc…

    We have served our patrons at our border pharmacies for years (since 1978) before the criminal element forced us to move our location and warehouse; in addition we guarantee all orders or issue a refund; now what more can one offer?
    Therefore your one-star rating seems to be a rating without merit…
    97,429 clients that order, re-order and request special medicines from us, cannot be wrong. Are we perfect? Of course not, but we try our best to satisfy each and every client. With that stated, we ask that you review your rating system.

    Rafael Gutierrez Mtz.
    Online-Orders Desk

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