Natrol is a manufacturer that has been in the vitamin and supplement industry for 35 years. Acclaimed as a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) company, it also has been highly recognized by the Natural Products Association (an association that certifies vitamins and supplements) by giving it an “A” rating. Quality Assurance has an extensive and industry leading quality assurance program on the vitamins, mineral supplements, beauty products, sports nutrition products, and dietary products that they offer. Lead by CEO Chirag Patel and International Vice President Ram Krishnan, the company ensures its customers that they always get the purest and safest products, that are of the highest quality and efficacy.

When it comes to screening supplier qualification to sourcing ingredients, performs rigorous quality checks throughout the process. This is to ensure that the finished products will be received at the best possible condition all the way through the expiration date. The company also guarantees that the information stated on the label of every product is exactly what’s inside the bottle. Reviews

You would be pleased to know that has gained a lot of positive reviews from its satisfied and happy customers. One of the testimonials was given by Josephine from Chicago. She said that for the last two years, she has been purchasing all her needs from the company. She also mentioned that the customer service is what she’s most pleased with about the company.

Unfortunately, cannot be found’s official audit list of online pharmacies that are authorized. The lack of data does not automatically mean, though, that the website is illegal. On the other hand,’s data showed that the website has been given high trust ratings by its clients, which is a good proof that the website is legitimate. In addition, the site has high online reliability rank and good online trust.

Although not completely authenticated, this business venture is most likely based in the US. There’s a big chance that it may have its origins from other countries such as Japan. This is one aspect that should be cleared by the company to its customers. Payment Methods And Security

One downside that has been found about the company is that the payment methods are not that diverse, which is a disadvantage for a lot of customers. assures, though, the clients’ data are safe against illegal access and hacking because SSL expertise is used and incorporated within the website. Conclusion

Final methodical testing is done by the company on all its invented products. This means that all products are guaranteed to be safe and effective. What’s more is that has been recognized in the medical industry as having firm acceptance criterion and strict rules in discarding substances and wastes.

Based on the clients’ testimonials, is a reliable and reputable site to purchase vitamins, mineral supplements, beauty products, sports nutrition products, and dietary products.