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Naturetherapy.com is an online store that has been in business for a long time. It provides customers with quality and effective products for general wellness, women. men and children’s health. Most of its products are herbal in nature. It also has a line of herbal beauty products and health equipment.

Nature therapy.com Customer Service

Its prices are affordable to make it within the reach of more customers. Its customers are assured that all the information shared with this company is treated with strict confidentiality. It ships to almost any country through registered airmail within 12 to 15 days and assures 100% quality on its products.

NatureTherapy.com Reputation

Customer feedback is the only source of a good review about any company. However, there are instances where some sites pay to get positive reviews which makes it inaccurate and therefore makes the product unreliable and questionable.

ScamAdviser.com is a trusted security service that conducts surverys on websites based on reliable data and measures that data based on the activity on social networks, traffic, domain name. location and ownership. Naturetherapy.com is about 14 years old and is based in India.

It has a good following on Facebook which means that this site is legitimate.

NatureTherapy.com Coupon Codes And Discounts

Unfortunately there are no coupon codes offered on NatureTherapy.com. However, it offers free shipping to purchases over $100.

This will not be a popular idea for most customers as most of them always want special promos and discounts upon purchasing. It also discourages customers from browsing through any site. It will be recommended to come up with a plan to entice customers to do business with Natural therapy.com. Unless measures to boost sales and client traffic are in place, customers will most likely shy away from this online store.

NatureTherapy.com  Conclusion

Based on the manner with which NaturalTherapy.com conducts its business transactions with its customers and the products it offers, it seems to be a legitimate site. Other bases for this conclusion is the fact that the reviews were done by independent review and blog sites which includes ScamAdviser.com.

Naturetherapy.com was given a 95% rating by ScamAdviser.com. Customers are advised however, to know where the products are shipped from.

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