is an online pharmaceutical store for the past 9 years now and claims to provide safe, affordable, and quality products  especially those connected with men’s sexual health. particularly erectile dysfunction and impotence. All products are FDA approved and customers are assured of easy access to their products. Good Online Reputation is steadily earning a reputation as one of the most sought after online stores selling generic medicines. It always finds ways to upgrade their services by way of fast and prompt delivery of orders, concise information of their products, efficient customer handling, and confidential treatment of client’s personal information. This online pharmaceutical store takes responsibility for every transaction and guarantees that all transactions are legal. Coupon Codes And Special Promos offers its clients several coupon codes and special promos as part of their marketing strategy to attract more orders online, encourage repeat orders, and retain their client base.

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In addition to these existing special promos, should put in place other forms of special offers and discounts such as:

  • Free Shipping for all orders regardless of the quantity of the orders, the amount involved, and the place of delivery
  • Special gift items for every order reaching a particular amount such as watches and jewelries
  • Referral Rewards for each new customer referred to Conflicting Reviews

While has been in operation for the past 9 years and steadily enjoys a favorable reputation as a fast growing online store, it will be hard to make a clear assessment due to the lack of customer reviews and unpopularity. is not a member of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies (NABP). The NABP has requirements that should be complied with before official registration can be given to any online pharmaceutical store. It is most probable that is selling products that are substandard, which can be dangerous to the customers and their family members.

Two of the more popular online audit sites, LegitScript and ScamAdviser has declared as a rogue online pharmacy for the reason that it had been discovered that has sent spam emails in an attempt to market its products to people who may even be disinterested in their products. has also been blacklisted by for engaging in activities with malicious leanings. reports that the involvement of high risk countries in the company profile is highly suspicous. Conclusion

Based on the facts gathered about, we can therefore safely conclude that this online store is unreliable and ill-reputed. It is recommended to find another online store with a good reputation and well known for its quality products. It will be helpful also to remember that in the event that you need to know more information which is not available online, it will be wise to call the website’s customer service representatives.