An online store based in Greece that started its operation in 2008, offers a broad range of prescription and non-prescription drugs, wellness, and health products. It also sells personal care and beauty items to customers around the world. The company claims that all the products it offers of the highest and best quality because these have been approved by the strict Greek, European, and export strict standards for sale. Wide Range Of Products

Some of the wide range of products available from this online pharmacy include both prescription and non-prescription drugs, food supplements, weight loss products, optical and orthopedic accessories, personal care items, and cosmetics. Because of these product range, the website can be considered as more than just an online pharmacy.

Before you go ahead and shop on the website, you need to be aware of the Greece legislature especially when it comes to knowing the operations of a website is permissible or not. Reviews 2015

Unfortunately, the reviews about found online are difficult to understand because the website is based in a country where English is not the first language. This language difference makes it more difficult to find out whether or not these reviews are genuine.

The website has been done in English. This means that the website is also targeted to customers who know the English language. What’s questionable about the website is that there are no reviews in English from customers who have purchased from or interacted with the company.

Perhaps the reason there are not many reliable reviews about this website is that it’s not really an online pharmacy, rather a general online store. An online pharmacy, normally, focuses on offering prescription and non-prescription drugs. This website, however, sells a wide range of products – from medical and health items to lifestyle and personal products.

According to, has a high trust rating and is 83% safe to use. It also has been analyzed that the website looks to be based in Netherlands, but there is also a possibility that there are other countries involved. It is best to do further research and take careful consideration before you go ahead and shop on this website.

Similar results came up when analyzed The website seems to have a good online reputation. Also, it has been reported that the website has not been blacklisted by MalwareDomainList, ThreatLog, Google SafeBrowsing, and other trusted security services. This means that there are no malware or trojans associated with the website, and that it is safe to use. Coupon Codes

Apparently, there are no discounts or coupon codes in English that are offered on the site. The good news is that there are offers and discounts available which are in Greek. You’d be surprised to find that some products are offered with as high as 60% discount. Also, you might be able to find the line ‘Super Deal 50%’ which is followed by some Greek words on some products. It can be assumed that there’s a 50% off on the products. Before you go ahead and purchase these discounted items, make sure to confirm the information to avoid ordering products that are beyond your expected price.

There’s a high possibility that the great deals offered by are legitimate and could help you save money in the end. Just do not forget to take the time in understanding the offers and descriptions before making a purchase. It would also be good to note that not all the discounted offers and deals found in the website are all health and medical products. Conclusion

When it comes to evaluating whether or not a website is trustworthy and reliable, it can be difficult especially the language used is a combination two different languages. If wants to build a good reputation, it should be able to make necessary changes to meet the needs of the English speaking customers.