is an online pharmacy that has a chain of branches worldwide. It markets affordable and quality medicines worldwide to clients who want to order the latest medicines for different medical conditions. Their products are mostly catered to medicines for lifestyle prescriptions, meaning for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions which are connected to people’s lifestyle neglect. And Its Prescription Medications sells prescription medications but a doctor’s prescription may not totally be needed when making an order. sends orders from its office then forwards it to a pharmaceutical company, that then ships the orders to the customer anywhere in the world. It is allowed by countries to import these medicines provided that the prescribed medicine is not a regulated drug and only for the personal use of the customer.

It is important for customers to check if the medicines that they need are prohibited or not, before placing an order. Otherwise, any order that is confiscated by the concerned country’s customs bureau will not be shipped back to’s head office located in the UK and the company will not be held liable for any refund. And Its Mission Statement is a company whose aim is to provide quality medicines which are safe and effective available worldwide alongside providing efficient service to its clients. Almost all of the orders emanate from EU doctors. It is a company rule for clients to fill out an online order form for approval by the company’s doctors. Once approved, the client’s order is cleared for shipping. Shipping is coursed directly through Registered Mail, which services the UK and most parts of the EU. Other orders to other countries are coursed through the Worldwide Pharmacy, and does not require prescription charges. Website Reviews

In May 2012, was charged of violating certain laws that controlled the sale of regulated drugs and was listed as a rogue pharmacy by lists this site as a risky and unreliable as it had been accused of dishonesty which led to low trustworthiness level from some clients. The site declared its location in the Virgin Islands but there is a chance that it may be located in the US. Add to this the fact that other questionable sites are also discovered to be operating in the same server. Shipping Policies sends its packages via Registered Mail and EMS courier. The delivery time for shipments within the UK takes about two days while packages for delivery outside of the UK take about seven days. It accepts payments through Western Union or MoneyGram. All paid shipments are assigned a tracking number which makes location of the package easily tracked.

In the event that a customer’s package gets delayed, sidetracked by some unexpected event, or damaged while en route to its delivery, shoulders the refund or may resend another package again. In most countries, importation of prescription medicine is allowed provided that it is only for personal use only and not a prohibited drug.


Legitimate pharmacies are the recipient of medicines which are given the seal of approval by the European doctors. Branded medicines are priced higher than the generic medicines which are both available on Medicines are shipped and delivered in the original packaging from the manufacturer and contain all the manufacturer’s necessary consignment numbers in all the packaging.

But it is wise to point out, on the other hand, that there are also risks involved as proven by the negative customer feedback it has received from unsatisfied clients. Prospective clients should take precautionary measures and avoid this site.