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Privacy Policy

At RxReviewz.com, we are absolutely committed to the guarding of your personal privacy. Take a moment to read the following policy in order to grasp how your personal information will be used by RxReviews.org. Due to the nature of our site, our policy is not likely to change. However, it may at a certain moment; therefore, we advise you to check it every now and then.

All information on RxReviews.org provided by visitors is voluntary and optional. By visiting our site, you implicitly agree to the practices that we elaborate on this Policy. The next paragraphs describe the kind of data collected by us and how it will be used.


All information posted here will be given voluntarily by the user. If you post a comment or review in our site (whether directly on the site or via e-mail), only your name and comment will be displayed publicly. We also collect e-mail address and location but NONE of this data will be shared with third parties, showcased on our site, added nor sold to online or offline databases.

Whenever you write a review/comment or send them to us, your writing may be posted online. This will be done without including your e-mail address or location. Only your reviews and name will be available for reading online without restrictions.


Due to the nature of our site, its use is intended for individuals over the age of 18. If you are not 18 years old or more, please do not send any information to our site.


By accessing RxReviews.org, you assent to the present policy regarding your own Web privacy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, kindly refrain from using our site. Furthermore, by using this site you assent to our rules.

Should you have any doubts about this Privacy Policy, the practices of RxReviewz.com, or your interaction with it, feel free to contact us.

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