[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile some online pharmacies are located in small and little known countries, RayMeds is located in Switzerland, a nation well recognized for its reputable image. The www.RayMeds.com website is the online portal for the company and is where customers from all corners of the globe can place orders. At the RayMeds.com website, a person can learn more about the company as well as the medications that are sold and the process of how to complete an order. The majority of medications that are sold by Ray Meds are from Indian companies, such as Cipla and Ajanta, but the company also uses SunPharma, Cadila, and others to fill their orders.

Although RayMeds complaints are usually few and far between, the most common issue is with RayMeds discounts and promotions that lower the price of a certain medication. A customer that previously paid the higher price is welcome to get in contact with the company and in most cases, a refund of the difference will be given. With a long history in the business, there are few RayMeds scam reports to be found on the Internet, but a customer should still practice due diligence and check previous customer testimonials before placing an order at RayMeds.com or any other online pharmacy.

There are many ways for a customer to reach a support representative if a question or issue arises. The most common way is to simply call the 24 hour phone number that is posted on the website. In addition, it is possible to fill in an email form at RayMeds.com that sends an email directly to the customer service department. A person can leave their email, phone number, or fax number depending on the way that they would like to be contacted in response. Testing of the email service shows that RayMeds responds to customer inquiries very quickly, with less than an hour in wait time.