A review on Shopmepills.com

Shopmedpills.com is an Argentina-based pharmaceutical company that offers both branded and generic medication. The online pharmacy started in 2008 deals mostly with generic drugs to provide affordable alternatives to the current high-priced branded medication for the treatment erectile dysfunction disorders, antibiotics, eye care, skin care, weight loss products and herbal medicine.

FDA Approved

A mainly online based pharmacy, shopmedpills.com earns its respect among many pharmacies from its direct dealership with FDA approved medical manufacturing companies. It has a vast network of suppliers of authentic and safe drugs from the medicine producers enabling it to offer the products at a very affordable price. For instance, the price of 100 mg Viagra generic pill on shopmedpills.com goes at 0.70 USD which is cheaper than any other drug store. Shopmedpills.com is, therefore, the most reliable pharmacy offering safe and most affordable medication.

Payment and Delivery Service

Customers located at any place on the world purchasing drugs from shopmedpills.com can receive the product at their doorsteps. Shopmedpills.com is a well-connected online shop delivering purchased products using Delivery express shipping or the Registered post which differ in price and the time taken to make the delivery. Payment of the product is facilitated through Master card or VISA debit card only, a practice that makes shopping conveniences on the shopmedpills.com pharmacy. Despite the attractive delivery services and after-sale services such as giving refunds to damaged goods during transport, Shopmedpills.com does not have a prompt customer care service to attend customer over the phone or by email. A client with queries is forced to leave messages without a guaranteed answer.

Lack of Feedback provision

At shopmedpills.com, the feedback from customers concerning the efficiency and quality of the purchased medication is not available. The feedback from customers is a very relevant information to the stakeholders of the pharmacy as it provides confidence to intended customers especially those scared of experiencing first before getting reviews from other users. Other clients may take the pay-and-wait delivery as a scam thinking they may send the money without getting their parcels. A great pharmacy such as shopmedpills.com needs to have a collection of reviews of its performance and other activities particularly because it is an online store which is a very vulnerable field of the trade from cyber insecurity and counterfeits. Customers buying from shopmedpills.com and patients who used the medication should be provided with a free platform to give their reviews that can be presented without bias for the benefit of shopmedpills.com stakeholders.

Because the pharmacy does not have a feedback mechanism to assist customers with a readily available information on the drugs sold or the performance of the pharmacy itself, the products sold by shopmedpills.com can be mistaken for having an authenticity that is not guaranteed or the vendor has no good reputation.

As of present, a single review about the shopmedipills.com exists on an independent website other than shopmedpills.com. A buyer named Camila Dannie talked about the effectiveness of Provigil and Modafinil medication which she termed as Cognitive enhancers for their effective relief of fatigue, mood swing, and sleeping disorders. She further claimed satisfactory quality medication from the pharmacy quoting efficient services that are enjoyable in addition to the affordability of the products.