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As one of the older online pharmacies, SamRx has a reputation to uphold. The SamRx.com website has been up for close to a decade (since 2003) and has sold generic medications to countless numbers of customers. Still, the SamRx company provides a decent deal of information on their website, ranging from a full description of why generic drugs present a good option to in depth information about the products that they sell. SamRx complaints could be a result of this attention to detail and willingness to be transparent both about their medications and the process of ordering them.

One of the most interesting parts of the SamRx.com website is their discussion of generic drugs. As expected, the Sam Rx pages explain that there is little difference between generics and branded medications other than the name. In addition, the reason why generic drugs are cheaper is also explained in detail, as well as the trademark laws and patent rights that exist in certain countries and govern the appearance and availability of these generic medications. Also explained is the fact that newer drugs are not necessarily better than older generics, with little history that can provide information about possible long term side effects and an obviously higher price.

One way that Sam Rx looks to attract the business of customers is by offering cheaper trial packs of medications that are normally sold in higher quantities. These trial packs allow a customer to try different drugs to figure out which one will work best and then order a larger quantity. Any SamRx scam reports should be directed to the company’s customer service department where a speedy resolution will be found. The number for this department is found at www.SamRx.com and the SamRx representatives will be available at all hours to deal with customer questions, comments, and concerns.

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  1. Samrx.com appears to be a good online pharmacy. In reality, they are NOT. I purchased an order and received on 10/15/2016. The products are not to my satisfaction. I have sent numerous emails and left over 5 voice messages but this online company has no responses. On their Webpage, it says you do live chat, get a call back and send an email…etc. Ironically, none of these work! today is 11/1/2016 and I am still trying to get a hold of someone to talk about my order inquiry. I think they are a scammer. Please do not order from this website. I really regret ordering from them just because I saw their price was reasonable. Please DON’T.

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