Being in operation for over 6 years, SpeedyHealthSupplements.com have been providing a broad range of health-related products alongside house cleaning items. This makes the online pharmacy the one-stop shop where you can easily purchase products for kids, pets, and more importantly, for yourself.

SpeedyHealthSupplements.com Range Of Products

You can purchase high quality products which include: skin care items, super food, sports nutrition, equipment, diet and weight loss products, coffee and teas, hair products, pet supplements, mineral supplements, herbs, and vitamins. The good thing about this website is that they do not claim responsibility for the claims posted about the products they offer. If a product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they would go ahead and let you know about it. Another thing to look forward to when purchasing at SpeedyHealthSupplements.com is that their prices are competitive.

SpeedyHealthSupplements.com Reviews

While the online pharmacy received positive reviews and feedback from happy customers, it also received some negative comments from outraged customers who weren’t pleased with the company’s unreliability.

One customer who lives in New York. He told his story about how he ordered Bowtrol from the company and paid through his credit card, expecting that it would be delivered in less than a week. He became worried when, after placing the order, the company said the product would be delivered within 15 days, which is very odd since Michigan is not that far from New York. He mentioned that he couldn’t understand why it would need to take long, unless there would be problems at customs. He expected a speedy delivery, but the company failed to meet his expectations. The situation was made worse by the fact that the company didn’t reply to any of his three emails sent out. He also called them twice, but no answer. He added that he was on the brink of filing a complaint with Better Business Bureau. This particular customer warned potential customers about placing orders in this company. Other similar customer complaints were found online.

SpeedyHealthSupplements.com Coupon Codes

The company has interesting offers given out to customers, which include the following:

– 10% Discount – You can take advantage of a 10% discount on supplements.

– 5% Discount – If you are a first time customer, you would be pleased to know that you can have a discount of 5% on all your orders.

– $5 Discount –  If you make a purchase worth more than $25, you may also have a $5 discount on that.

– Free Ground Shipping – Free ground shipping is given to orders that are worth more than $99.

These offers can help customers save a lot of money. It would be good, though, if SpeedyHealthSupplements.com can add other special offers to the list, such as:

– Shopping vouchers or gift items when customers place orders that are worth over a certain value

– Referral codes when new clients are referred by customers to the site

– Loyalty codes or vouchers for customers who are loyal

SpeedyHealthSupplements.com Conclusion

The online pharmacy has receive a lot of complaints about items not being delivered on time. This is not ideal for customers who urgently need to receive their orders. It would be best to choose another company that can meet your speedy delivery needs.