is a Canada-based online pharmacy store that sells steroids. It is said to be reputed as the leading and trusted distributor of anabolic steroids in tablet and injectable form.

This company claims to be committed in providing safe and high quality products with guaranteed results without compromising the cost. Moreover, the company has a team of competent professionals whose aim is to constantly provide the best products and services to its customers at affordable prices. All drugs are guaranteed safe and meets the safety regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. Shipping And Customer Service ships on the same day for orders within Canada and has an easy and convenient ordering sytem. They have an efficient team of customer care representatives on call 24/7 through live chat for any questions, comment and inquiries. Customer complaints are immediately acted on and readily responded to by their customer care desk. Reviews has earned some good customer feedback on its site:

  • Greg Morris has commented that is a great online store. Its service is excellent and delivery of his orders were fast and discreet. The customer care team’s speedy processing of his orders were facilitated through live chat and the packaging was secure and was provided with a tracking number.
  • Biggerdreams is one happy and satisfied customer and has used their products for 2 years, and was generally contented. He recommended this online store to his colleagues and friends.
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  • Google Safebrowsing reports that is a trustworthy and safe site and enjoys a popular rating in the social network sites. So far, it has 11 known links in the social networking site.
  • Scamadviser gives this online pharmacy store a fair trust rating score of 54% however, on Feb.13, 2012 this site had been declared as a rogue website.  Coupon Codes, Discounts and Freebies does not offer any coupon codes to its customers. However, they have a list of discounted products ranging from oral and injectable steroids, erectile dysfunction tablets and syringes. These products below are the discounted retail prices and offers a free sample of 4 Viagra tablets for every item purchased. More discounts are given for wholesale purchases.

  • Anadrol tablet                   $   95.00        $5  savings
  • Anavar 20mg tablet                   $ 130.00        $20  savings
  • Arimidex tablet                   $   95.00        $5 savings
  • Cialis tablet                   $   90.00        $10  savings
  • Deca Durabolin 250mg/ml.               $  00         $10  savings
  • Dianabol tablet                   $  80.00         $20 savings
  • Equipoise /ml                       $  95.00          $5 savings
  • Masteron /ml.                     $100.00          $10 savings
  • Sustanon 300  /ml.               $105.00          $50 savings
  • Syringe 25g/1 inch.                     $   00           $4 savings
  • Test Suspension 100mg./ml. $  00          $15 savings
  • Testosterone Cypionate 250mg./ml. $100.00          $10 savings
  • Testosterone Propionate 100mg./ml. $100.00 $10 savings
  • Trenbolone Acetate /ml/      $  95.00          $10 savings
  • Viagra tablet                           $  90.00           $10 savings
  • Winstrol tablet                         $  80.00           $10 savings Conclusion

While enjoys good reviews and a fairly satisfactory ratings, this is not a general conclusion. ScamAdviser gives this website a trust rating of 54% which is a fair rating. It is always advised to exercise caution in doing online business transactions and prospective customers should make a careful assessment on the legitimacy and reputation of the site that they wish to do deal with before deciding to buy anything.