is an online pharmacy that has been operating for more then 10 years now. It sells a wide variety of generic medicines from antibiotics, men and women’s health, anti-inflammatories, anti-fungal, diuretics, skin care, and so many more. It boasts of the best raw materials that are shipped from Indian pharmaceutical companies to ensure that their products are high quality generic medicines that can equal their branded counterparts. Shipping And Customer Service takes measures that they market only generic medicines and do not sell any controlled or prohibited drugs that is prone to misuse. This move was taken by the company to ensure that their customers can shop with ease and comfort. They offer free shipping for a minimum purchase of $150 through regular airmail service. They also have an efficient team of live customer care staff who are able to assist customers with all their needs and queries about the medicines that it sells. Reviews has customer reviews that can be found on its website. Only one client review ever found was on an independent site and this young lady named Carmel reports that she was very pleased with the medicines that she ordered from and that she will recommend this site to her friends and colleagues.

Other reviews that were found on their website that are obviously doctored and available on other sites that are considered scam sites including the following:

  • David thanks for their effective generic medicine that he ordered online. The Viagra that he took worked well for him and thankful that his marriage had been revived.
  • Mike says that the pills he ordered was effective. He is also satisfied with the fast processing and delivery of his orders and will definitely purchase from this site again for his medicine needs. Special Discounts, Bonus Packs, And Freebies offers special holiday and seasonal discounts that can be found on their home page. First time customers get regular priced medicines. Then, the company offers a guaranteed 5% discount for the second purchase and 7% discount for the third and subsequent purchases.

A customer gets a 10% discount on his next purchase if he submits 5 email addresses of his friends. Subsequently, each of them will enjoy a 5% discount on the condition that they must place an order within 30 days after a message is sent. also has a special bonus package for purchases of any Erectile Dysfunction medicine. These include:

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Most of the customers who buy wholesale are the ones who can benefit from the discounts offered on  Conclusion

Having reviews from an independent site does not give the assurance that a website is legitimate and reputable. The fact that this website uses fake and doctored reviews makes it an unsafe shopping website. A genuine and trusted website does not need fake reviews that can also be seen on other questionable sites.

This gives the impression that this is not a trustworthy and reliable website. For this, customers are advised to avoid making any transactions with