This medicine is prescribed for the diagnosed Parkinson’s disease, regardless of its origin. Artane is more effective in the treatment of extrapyramidal system diseases, characterized with too high muscle tone and hyperkinesia (automatic movements of the limbs and the whole body).

Artane: instruction for use and dosage

The above-mentioned medicine is taken orally, washing it down with clean water. Artane can be taken irrespective of the meal time.

Recommended scheme of dosage:

First day- half a capsule;

Second day- one capsule;

Third day- one and a half capsule.

The specified dosage of drug must be divided into 2-3 intakes a day. Every day the number of Artane tablets must be increased. Maximum allowable daily dose- 4 capsules.

Contraindications to the use of medicine

It is strictly forbidden to prescribe Artane if you’re diagnosed with glaucoma (high intraocular pressure) and atrial fibrillation (they contract randomly).

Atherosclerosis, chronic disease of kidneys and liver, stable hypertension- these illnesses are the conditional contraindications and require caution in prescription of Artane. Usually such patients are hospitalized in the first days of taking the above-mentioned drug for the continuous monitoring of patient’s health. If no pathological changes have been recorded, one can go outpatient.

Special indications for use and precautions

The dose for the patients with diagnosed kidney and liver diseases must be adjusted by the expert- it will be reduced.

Artane is prescribed to the very old patients as necessary.

How does Artane work?

The presented medicine has a pronounced effect on the work of central and peripheral nervous system. The action is considered to be anticholinergic and has a long duration.

Side effects

Artane is well tolerated by the patients, but in some cases it can have some side effects

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  • Dry mouth.
  • Short-term visual impairments.
  • High blood pressure- insignificant, but in hypertension it can have a negative impact on the clinical picture.
  • Elevated pulse and heart rate.


In case of one or several above-mentioned symptoms, you should stop taking Artane and tell your doctor about your problems. The doctor will correct your dose or replace the medicine.