A report on fake pharmacies

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ake online pharmacies are those which use the internet and spam emails in order to scam the customer money by offering the drugs cheaper and without the need of a doctor’s prescription. These scams can usually cause problems which are both financial and health. Most of the spam emails are designed in such a way that they offer medicines so as to know the credit card details of a customer credit card details or download their damage files on the customer’s computer. In case if a customer actually receives the product that which they have ordered there is no guarantee that they are the real products. In some cases, the medicines may even damage health. These businesses will provide their full contact details listed and will also require a valid prescription before they send out any medicine that are requires one.

Below are some of the points that would help a customer in order to stay away from the fake pharmacies.

  • If at all a customer receives an email regarding the offering of drugs at a very cheaper cost, these emails will promote only the well-known drugs such as Prozac or Viagra.
  • Subject title in the email will not relate with the product.
  • The words in the email are spelt incorrectly or they have a space in the middle of the words. This is done because in order to avoid from the anti-spam filters.
  • This website will sell a drug that generally needs a prescription; they will offer this without the prescription.
  • The fake pharmacy website does not provide a contact telephone number or street address in their email.

If at all a customer thinks that ha had received an offer from a fake online pharmacy, he can report it to the authorities through the report a scam section of SCAM watch.

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