At this moment in time, there are quite a large number of people who suffer from different conditions that bring in strong pain. Sometimes, it can get insupportable, which is why pain relievers are essential to the medical field. For those who do not know, Tramadol represents a narcotic-like pain reliever which is usually used in order to treat moderate to severe forms of pain.

The drug works with the help of the extended-release of the active ingredient, thus providing an around-the-clock reliever of pain. However, this form of the drug is not recommended to be used on an as-needed basis for pain relief. Rather, it should be prescribed after certain issues causing lots of pain occur.

What should patients know about this drug?

To kick things off, patients should first get a medical prescription, in order to be sure that the drug will be safe for them. Once this is done, make sure to never take the medicine in case you have used sedatives, alcohol, narcotic medications or tranquilizers during the last couple of hours. Do keep in mind the fact that the pill can slow and even stop breathing, especially once you start taking it, following a dosage change. The pills should not be crushed or broken down, therefore always swallow the pill whole to avoid exposure to fatal doses. In case you are given another type of pill, only take it as dictated.  Additionally, also do keep in mind the fact that the pill can be habit-forming, if taken at regular doses. Misuse of narcotic pain medication can cause severe issues such as addiction, overdose and even death.

Additionally, never take the pill while pregnant, as it can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms to unborn babies. Also, never consume alcohol while you are under the Tramadol treatment. Let your doctor know about any conditions such as metabolic disorders, liver or kidney diseases, stomach disorders, or drug abuse history.

What are the side effects associated with the medicine?

At this moment in time, some of the common side effects include headache, feeling nervous or anxious, but also constipation, drowsiness, stomach main, itching and more. In the unfortunate case that you experience other side effects, make sure to let your doctor know as soon as possible. In case of an overdose, call the poison helpline and get emergency medical help, as overdoses can even be fatal.

This medicine can currently be purchased from most major local and online authorized pharmacies, at a decent price. Make sure to always have a doctor’s prescription handy.