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Discount prescription drugs

For those buying drugs at premium prices a discount pharmacy is the logical choice. Supporting the money-minded American drug industry is no longer necessary. In today’s technology driven world, buying prescriptions over the counter is just illogical, though pharmacy stock holders will surely beg to differ. Name brand drugs can be ordered from a discount pharmacy for much less than ...

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What’s so popular about Vitamin B supplements and injections?

For health and proper function of metabolism, healthy skin and muscle tone, healthy immune and nervous systems, the Vitamin B is essential. It helps a person in maintaining better health and can reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer. The main nutrient is water soluble. There are many supplements for B vitamins, but presently we will concentrate on Vitamin B12. Vitamin ...

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Impotence can happen to any male. This does not mean that he is a man no more. This is one fact that must be accepted before one starts talking about impotence. What is impotence? Impotence in simple terms is the inability to start, and sustain an erection for sufficient satisfactory sexual performance. Impotence and erectile dysfunction(ED) are synonymous in spite ...

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What are symptoms of a Heart Attack?

It is important to know the symptoms of a heart attack as if anyone from family or friend circle is facing a problem then you can immediately help. While considering a few steps, you can help a person to save a life. Apart from cold sweats, nausea or vomiting, light-headed, anxiety, indigestion, and unexplained fatigue, there are other three common ...

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Pros and cons of popular birth control methods

The “no birth control” methods are 100% guaranteed and effective. To proof this thing, you can compare 3 popular birth control methods that require a doctor’s prescription and other two free from any sort of doctor prescription. A birth control shot or (Depo-Provera) is the most effective birth control drug that provides approximately 97% results. This shot requires a doctor’s ...

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Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know? More than a third of men above 50 have some form of erectile dysfunction (ED). The term erectile dysfunction means the deficiency in power to keep an erection and thus inability to perform intercourse successfully. It is not only the patient who suffers but his partner as well. The emotional strain and feeling of a void which ...

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Risk factors and warning signs for stroke

Strokes are known as a very serious medical problem. To define stroke, it is said that it is a sudden loss of brain function which is caused by either interrupted blood flow or a rupture of brain blood vessels. A person can experience following warning signs, depending upon the part where the brain is damaged like: Weakness: A person can ...

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When do I need a prescription for online pharmacy purchases?

For purchasing “under-the-counter” drugs, one strictly has to mail or fax the doctor’s prescription. Apart from physical store, this condition even applies for online pharmacy. On other hand, over-the-counter or non-prescribed drugs can be bought off the shelf from your neighbourhood pharmacy. The top Canadian online pharmacies carry brand-name and generic versions of drugs. On these drugs, borrowers can save ...

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How do I know generic drugs are safe and good quality?

Generic drugs are basically the same as their brand-name counterparts. The only difference is their price and when they can enter the market. Always do your research or ask a pharmacist, but in almost 100% of cases, you won’t notice any significant different between the generic and brand-name versions. When a drug company first develops a drug, they obviously want ...

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Baby and children’s pharmacy products online

Having children can be a rewarding but sometimes an expensive affair. To ease your financial stresses of a baby or child it will be advised to buy health, pharmacy, and medicines from an online Canadian pharmacy. This is because you can save up to 70% on purchase. While ordering from online, you not only save money but your time also. ...

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