Impotence can happen to any male. This does not mean that he is a man no more.
This is one fact that must be accepted before one starts talking about impotence.

What is impotence?

Impotence in simple terms is the inability to start, and sustain an erection for sufficient satisfactory sexual performance. Impotence and erectile dysfunction(ED) are synonymous in spite of the fact that the term includes premature ejaculation and low sexual desire as well. The causes for impotence are many:

  • Vascular diseases: as a side effect of heart disorders, the blood pressure cannot be sustained normally by the capillaries of the penis causing impotence.
  • Neurological diseases: due to nerve disorders the brain or the muscles are unable to receive or transmit appropriate messages to the penis to maintain a strong erection.
  • Hormonal changes: the male hormone testosterone controls the sexual activities. Any hormonal imbalance will result in either a hypo or hyper activity. The hypo activity results in impotence.
  • Psychological factors: Due to stress, anxiety, depression, low self-belief, fear of sexual failure and guilt could also result in erectile dysfunction.
  • Surgery: those men who have had neurological or vascular surgery at any time in life might have a possible tendency to turn impotent
  • Other factors: diseases like diabetes, kidney diseases, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis can cause erectile dysfunction. There is estimated to be a high incidence of ED among chronic alcoholics and heavy smokers as well. It might be hereditary or inborn cases too.

Sexual matters are private and not everybody would like to discuss the same in anybody’s presence least a doctor’s who is but a stranger in most circumstances. What you need to know is communication is the first step towards treating impotence. After all this condition is bound to cause an emotional strain and a divide in the relationship you have with your partner. If your partner suffers from ED, you need to make the person speak up and help him out with the treatment as well. There are various means of medication available in the world today. One need only to go for a complete examination and find out what treatment methodology would suit you medically as well as which fits into your lifestyle and is agreeable to your partner.

The much-in-the-news wonder drug: Viagra and other variants like cialis and levitra have paved the way more advanced ED medication to come!

These are available at any online pharmacy and you need not worry about privacy as well.