The story of Hoodia begins 10 000 years ago, when the Bushmen from South Africa, inhabiting the continent, spent a lot of time crossing the Kalahari Desert in search of food. To suppress a sense of hunger during long hunting trips, without sufficient food, and keeping themselves in good form, being on feet for many days, Bushmen chewed a bitter pulp of Hoodia. At that, their appetite reduced, while the energy increased.

Most recently, the nutritionists have found out that the consumption of Hoodia reduces the daily calorie intake by 30-50%. After eating a bit of pulp of this plant, you will not want to eat for a few hours. In 1997 the experts identified the active substance of Hoodia- steroid glycoside, which (despite all the efforts) have not yet been artificially synthesized.

The properties of Hoodia result from the special combination of active components of this plant, existing only in wildlife. The active substances, extracted from its core, take part in the regulation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, affect the mechanisms, controlling the body weight and affect the insulin- dependent mechanisms, regulating appetite. Hoodia is a natural appetite suppressor and energetic. In combination with low- caloric diet it promotes the effective slimming. It should be noted, that Hoodia have no side effects. It neither affects your psyche nor accumulates in the body or causes dependence.

Main action.

Hoodia Gordonii blocks the center of hunger- steroid glycoside P57 affects the hypothalamus- brain area, which controls the sense of hunger. At that, P57 actively connects with the glucose- sensitive receptors of hypothalamus neurons, as they are very sensitive to the glucose blood level. After the food intake, the glucose blood level increases, and the glucose molecules connect with the neuron receptors. P57 connect with the neurons instead of glucose. As a result, the brain receives the signal that the body is full. The activity of P-57 is approx. 10 000 times higher, as that of the glucose. At that, it blocks the hunger, caused by the low blood sugar. The brain takes the substance from the cactus for glucose and makes the body feel satiated, and the calorie intake reduces by 30 – 40% or more than 1000 calories a day.

Hoodia Gordonii increases the fat metabolism. As Hoodia blocks the center of hunger, the body starts to burn its fat reserves to provide energy. So, it promotes slimming (even if you have II or III degree of obesity).

Hoodia Gordonii improves the intestinal microflora- soluble dietary fibers of Hoodia restore the balance of intestinal microflora, absorbing and removing the pathogenic microorganisms from the body, preventing dysbacteriosis.

Hoodia Gordonii improves the digestive process- soluble dietary fibers of Hoodia normalize and increase the intestinal motility.

3 things, necessary to increase the effect of Hoodia Gordonii.

You must be sure that you buy the drug from trusted sources. Unfortunately, the market is full of fakes. Don’t be fooled- look for the original South African production.
Make sure that you’ve chosen the right dose. The most people start to take 400 mg of Hoodia 3 times a day before eating. The dose can be increased to 1000 mg, before you find the right dose for your body. You should wait a few days before increasing the current dose, Hoodia needs time to work.
Consult your doctor. If you have some diseases, preventing the weight reduction, Hoodia Gordonii may not work.