LeadingRx.net is a US based online store that was initially composed of licensed pharmacists and doctors and began its operations on 2005. Through the years, LeadingRx.net has managed to maintain its good reputation by acting as a “medicine broker” between its customers and reputable and licensed pharmaceutical companies.

Today, it is one of three branches of a business conglomerate owned by a group of US businessmen,. two of which are involved in information technology and customer care.

LeadingRx.net – A New Player In The Online Pharmaceutical Field

LeadingRx.net is a new player in the online pharmaceutical field. It has a license to dispense medicines and drug orders through air parcel and these medicines are cleared and released from legitimate retail stores and outlets in the US.

This online store also offers live online chat and free advice from physicians and pharmacists so that the customer can be assisted in whatever question and be satisfied with the answers. The medicines are affordable, high quality, and at the same time customers enjoy discounts. They also offer free shipping to any country worldwide. It accepts major credit cards and other forms of payment and shipping is fast and safe.

LeadingRx.net Reviews

Recent searches regarding this online store yielded few reviews but one particular customer reported this about LeadingRx.net.

Windsor says he is completely satisfied with the medicines he bought from LeadingRx.net. Since this online store has been in operations for quite some time, he has trusted it with his generic medicinal needs. He also says that the prices are affordable, the products are of high quality and delivery was fast and prompt.

The absence of reviews about LeadingRx.net is not reason for alarm. One reason for this is probably their customers have not shared it on review and blog sites. On the positive side, LeadingRx.net did not get any complaints from its customers.

LeadingRx.net Coupon Codes And Discounts

It appears that LeadingRx.net does not have any discounts to offer its customers. But when the participating pharmacies have special discounts to offer, this will also be passed on to the customer. LeadingRx.net offers up to 65% savings on the prices of the medicines they have.

LeadingRx.net Conclusion

LeadingRx.net is certainly a legitimate and reliable online pharmacy store. But it is important for a customer to be wary and find out as much as he can about an online pharmaceutical store as there are so many rogue sites on the internet. Every customer should verify the legitimacy of an online store by asking or talking to its customer care representatives or through email.

LeadingRx.net has never been placed on the blacklist by trusted security sources and definitely is a genuine and safe website.