provigil[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is possible to buy Provigil online at a number of very good retailers. Provigil is also known as Modafinil. They are the same substance, and are used for patients who suffer from being consistently sleepy. A number of reasons for chronic sleepiness can be from a result of narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or working odd hours of the day. People who constantly work night shifts may benefit from this particular drug as it induces a wakefulness in patients.

The drug is generally prescribed in one of two ways, 200mg once a day, or two doses of 100mg. It is also generally taken in the morning and not the afternoon. Patients can develop some sleep disturbances if taken in the later half of the day. Other than that, patients who take it in the morning are known to have a better sense of wakefulness throughout the day.

There was a time when it was prescribed for patients with ADHD. However, the FDA has regarded this drug as unsafe for children altogether, and as such is not used for the treatment of ADHD anymore.

It has also been used in unapproved circumstances to treat depression, cocaine and opium dependency, schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s. There have also been accounts of healthy people without any disorders who claim that Provigil helps enhance their cognitive abilities such as memory. Those with multiple sclerosis have also found a use of the drug because of the constant fatigue caused by their particular disorder. It also decreases appetite and is sometimes used as a weight loss inducer. These, however, are not approved practices as considered by the FDA.

Also, another common practice for Modafinil or Provigil is in the use of the Military for people who undergo lengthy missions where sleep deprivation is common.

There are numerous side effects possible with this drug that should be taken into consideration. A patient should stop use if any of the following persist: fever, skin rash, vomiting and blistering, bruises, tingling sensations, muscle pains and weakness, excess fatigue, bruising, hallucinations, and white sores.

Be sure to ask about any history of allergies, as some people may be allergic to the inactive ingredients found in this drug. Any persons with heart problems or who feel chest pains when using stimulants should be wary of using the drug. Any dose over 1250 mg per kg is considered lethal and should be avoided at all costs. This drug also has an addictive potential in patients who happen to grow a dependency on the drug.

Be sure to check all warning signs before going to order Provigil online. It is a great stimulant, but may come with some nasty side effects if not used properly.