The drug under the brand name of Aciclovir belongs to the group of pharmaceutical antiviral medications. It is quite effective for the treatment of Herpes simplex and Herpes zoster. The use of Aciclovir can help you to prevent the replication of virus in the body. The absorption of active substance of the drug is partial, only 20 % of the total quantity. The biological half-life of Aciclovir is about three hours. The kidneys are responsible for its clearance.

The use of Aciclovir: main indications

Using Aciclovir for the treatment of herpes can exclude appearance of new rash, slow down its spreading and possibility of further developing and the formation of crusts. Aciclovir eliminates strong painful feelings of herpes zoster. The instruction to Aciclovir recommends administering the drug intravenously, if the patient has severe genital tract infections, triggered by Herpes simplex, causing immune system dysfunctions and the infections developed against the background of Herpes zoster. The use of Aciclovir helps to prevent the development of infections, which can be caused by Herpes simplex, accompanied by immune system dysfunctions (organ transplantation, chemotherapy). Aciclovir has an immunostimulating effect, which helps to activate the protective forces of the organism and boost your immune system.

Aciclovir: instruction for use and dosages

This drug can be used locally, intravenously and orally. In the infections, caused by Herpes simplex, you should treat with the drugs Aciclovir. They are also most preferable to prevent the development of this disease of this treatment in people, suffering from immune system dysfunctions. The pills are prescribed for the treatment of Herpes zoster. The children from 2 years and adults should take 1 pill of Aciclovir up to 5 times a day for the treatment of Herpes simplex. The treatment of Herpes zoster involves the five-time use of 4 pills of the drug. You can prevent the infections taking the course of Aciclovir according to the following scheme: 1 pill 4 times a day. The children under 2 years should take no more than ? of a dose for adults. You can’t treat babies with this drug. On average, the course of therapy of Herpes zoster lasts 5 days. After the improvement, you should take Aciclovir for another 3 days.

Aciclovir: side effects and contraindications

Numerous studies have shown that in most cases Aciclovir is well tolerated. The oral intake of Aciclovir can cause the following side effects: increased fatigue, sickness, headache, vomiting and diarrhea. If you are intolerant to the active ingredients of Aciclovir, the treatment is not provided. At the moment, there are no data on the effect of this drug on fetus at the time of pregnancy and on the content of milk during breastfeeding.