In our time erectile dysfunction is a burning issue for a lot of men all over the world. And the quality of potency has a great impact on the men’s life. However, in the most of cases the modern pharmaceutics solves this problem quite successfully. One of the problem solutions is the new generic of Viagra– Silagra. Despite its novelty, the drug has already managed to gain a great popularity. Silagra is available in Europe, America, Australia and other countries. The sale of Silagra is increasing very quickly.

Silagra is also called “The new generation of Viagra”. It is issued by the famous world’s producer of pharmaceutical production- the company “Clima”, which has such a good image, that one must not doubt its’ high quality, efficiency and complete safety of the drug produced by it. At that, the generic is much cheaper than the original medicine, as its production didn’t require any expenses for research, tests, advertising campaign and development of production technology. It was made according to the ready formula and had a popularity of well-publicized brand- Viagra.

Silagra is an exact analog of Viagra, which has the same active substance- Sildenafil. It should be taken approx. 40 minutes before sex. The effect comes a little sooner than that of Viagra- in about half an hour after the intake, and also lasts 3-4 hours. The time of its elimination from the body is 24 hours. That’s why it is advisable to take any medicine with this component no less than 24 hours later. If you’ll take it sooner, you can have an overdose which will cause dangerous side effects. If you want to get a strong effect, you must not eat before the intake of this drug. It is also strictly forbidden to drink alcohol! It can lead to the very bad consequences for health.

Although Silagra is not a prescription drug, you should consult the doctor before starting to use it and study the instruction very carefully. The doctor will check if you have direct contraindications to the use of the drug, find out if you have no diseases requiring the dose changes. It is also important to determine if you haven’t any allergic reactions to the drug components. The pills of Silagra contain 100 mg of active substance. It is a maximal daily dose. If the patient is old, have some chronic diseases or takes the medicine for the first time, the dosage must be reduced.