Amoxicillin is used for the treatment of some bacterial infections, such as infection of sinus, urinary bladder, intestines and for treatment of acute bronchitis at patients with chronic diseases of lungs, caused by mild bronchitis. Amoxicillin is not effective at cold or flu. If you have disease of kidneys, you should buy Amoxicillin and accept a dose less than a usual therapeutic doze of Amoxicillin.

At many people appearance of a rash is observed during reception of Amoxicillin, that however may not be an attribute of an allergy to this preparation. If you had a rash after reception of Amoxicillin, call a doctor. Some of the by-effects of Amoxicillin online can be shown only in a month after the termination of reception of the drug.

Follow the following recommendations for prevention of the infection of uric ways. Drink a plenty of liquid, especially water. Though cranberry juice also is not effective for treatment of an infection of uric ways, it can weaken a smell at enuresis. Carefully observe the rules of hygiene: after each visit of a toilet wipe yourself from front to back, not vice versa, and then wash up hands. Prepare and store products according to rules of storage, especially during trips to prevent a diarrhea. Do not use a lot of caffeine, which can expand an urethra. Constants catheters provoke development of an infection of urinary tracts. However, if the symptoms of an infection are not observed, it is not necessary to accept medical products only because bacteria are found out at the analysis of urine. Women are especially subject to infectious diseases of urinary tracts. If you observe symptoms of an infection of urino-genital tracts at yourself, ask your doctor to prescribe you a necessary preparation in the quantity sufficient to have it always available. In an ideal case the antibiotic, which you use, should be the most effective, the least toxic and the cheapest.

Inform your attending doctor if at you observe or observed at yourself: an allergy to medical products, an allergy to any penicillin or cephalosporin, other kinds of an allergy, diseases of  gastrointestinal tract, diseases of kidneys, infectious mononucleosis, if you are on a diet with the lowered maintenance of salt (sodium) (injection forms of Amoxicillin contain sodium).

Inform the attending doctor on the medicines that you accept, including aspirin, herbs, vitamins and other medical products.

Inform your attending doctor if improvements in your condition are not observed within two or three days or if you have a diarrhea. Do not try to cure it yourself.

Accept all the amount of Amoxicillin prescribed by your doctor even if you will feel better before the termination of course of treatment. If you will cease to accept the preparation too early, symptoms may return.

Do not give this preparation to somebody else. The preparation can’t be used after the expiry of the term of validity.

If surgical intervention, including treatment of teeth is necessary to you, inform the doctor that you accept the given preparation

Take Amoxicillin on an empty stomach (at least 1 hour prior to reception of food or two hours after reception of food), with a full glass of water. Capsules can be opened and mix their contents with water.

It is not necessary to store capsules in a bathroom. Do not subject the preparation of to the influence of heat, moisture and direct sunlight.

If you have missed the next reception, accept the preparation as soon as you have recollected it, but if the time of following reception of a preparation has already almost come miss a reception. Do not accept double dozes.

Amoxicillin cooperates with chlortetracycline, gentamycin, heparin, oral contraceptives, warfarin.

Immediately call a doctor, if you have attributes of heavy allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock): laryngospasm, strong weakness, a pain in the field of a stomach, nausea and vomiting, a diarrhea, a rash.

Immediately call a doctor, if even after a month after the termination of the course of therapy by Amoxicillin you have: pains, colic in the field of a belly or a stomach, a frequent aqueous diarrhea (possibly with blood), heat and pharyngitis, nausea or vomiting, strong thirst, unusual fatigue or weakness, unusual reduction of weight of a body, the convulsive attacks, complicated urination, depression, unusual bleeding or hematomas, yellowing of skin or eyes, painful feelings in the zone of an injection.

Call a doctor if constantly, during rather long time, you observe the following symptoms at yourself: a diarrhea of small intensity, an inflammation of an oral cavity or tongue, dimness or discolorations of a tongue, an itch and vaginal discharge.