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The last century is marked by significant achievements in the field of diagnostics and treatment of female sterility, and on the boundary of centuries it is possible to tell with confidence about the basic decision of this problem at an available level of our knowledge.

It is possible to allocate the basic ways of sterility treatment: the drug therapy, operative endoscopy and methods of ART. And in the clinical practice all the specified methods are applied, as a rule, in a combination. Medicament means: antibiotics, immune correctors, viricide and, certainly, hormonal preparations can be used at all forms of sterility as in a complex with an operative method (for example, at tubal-peritoneal factor, an endometriosis), and in the form of independent treatment. So, at endocrine sterility caused by functional infringements of reproductive system, medicamentous, hormonal, treatment is a pathogenic proved method of restoration of fertility.

Clomiphene is used mainly for stimulation of ovulation. Many women at which ovulation does not occur, by means of reception of Clomiphene can begin to ovulate. Clomiphene can be prescribed to women, ovulating in a natural way, for increase of chances for pregnancy. The antiestrogenic effect of Clomiphene can cause thickening of cervical mucus. It can complicate in turn promotion of spermatozoa to ovum. The treatment may include artificial (intravaginal) insemination and, in rare cases, external management/influence on the level of estrogens.

If you buy clomiphene it can also provoke precision of endometrium, which is the adverse factor for implantation of an embryo. If ultrasonic defines thin endometrium then treatment by other preparations stimulating ovulation may be applied. Clomiphene is usually accepted in a doze of 1 pill daily, or 50 mg during 5 days. Treatment is usually begun from the 2nd-5th days of a cycle (the first day of a bleeding is considered as the first day of a cycle). Now the preparation is more often prescribed from the 2nd day of a cycle. Women usually start from 50 mg daily during 5 days. If ovulation happens, but pregnancy does not come from the first cycle, then treatment by Clomiphene can be repeated in the same dosage during 3-6 cycles. If ovulation at an initial dosage does not occur, then the doze can be increased up to 2 pills within 5 days of the following cycle.

The use of Clomiphene in the appointed dosage can be repeated only from 3 up to 6 cycles. The limiting doze of Clomiphene is considered to be 150 mg, or 3 pills daily within 5 days. In rare cases 4 pills, or 200 mg a day can be appointed. There are some various ways of definition of ovulation. The methods of definition by the basal temperature, jump of luteinizing hormone, biopsy of endometrial, definition of level of a progesterone or transvaginal ultrasonic research of development of follicles are used more often than others. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, and any of these methods cannot authentically define whether the ovulation had happened or not. The chances to conceive on the background of reception of Clomiphene make 10-13 % for a cycle of treatment depending on age, the reasons of sterility, reaction of an organism to the treatment and other preparations, which are used simultaneously with Clomiphene. It is comparable with 20-25 % of women with normal fertility. The opportunity of conception is increased up to 30-60 % after 6 cycles of reception of Clomiphene. About 5-10 % of pregnancies, which occurred at reception of Clomiphene, result in birth of twins, not less than 1 % with a birth of 3 and more children. It is comparable with 1,2 % of the twins born by women, not accepting Clomiphene. Clomiphene is used in the USA since 1967. For today there are no acknowledgments of the fact that Clomiphene increases probability of a birth of children with deviations and/or affects the development of children.

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