Anusol is a leading brand of medication used for the soothing and relief of discomfort caused by piles. Piles are essentially internal or external haemorrhoids of the rectal or anal region. They can produce very unstable pain and soreness resulting from itching, burning, swelling, or other uncomfortable symptoms. This product medication will certainly relieve these symptoms and lead the patient to a much happier recovery.

What causes piles?

To first understand the use of the medication, it is imperative to first study the nature of the problem. Piles, the most uncomfortable medical issue, is associated with anal or anal area bleeding, itching, swelling, burning, and irritation. It is generally caused by a strain during bowel movements, pregnancy, or based on family history of the condition. Although most patients with this condition are too humiliated to search for help with the condition; however, there are products that greatly reduce the problem such as this product, Anusol.

What are the ingredients?

The first question generally asked when in reference to a type of treatment or medication is ‘what makes it so good?’ or ‘what is in it’. The active ingredients are the main fighters in the war against piles. In this case, there are approximately three active ingredients.

  1. Zinc oxide: This acts as an antiseptic while helping heal the rawness of skin, manage swelling, and soothe the pain.
  2. Balsam Peru: This is also a more serene antiseptic, but it is the most active healer of the ingredients.
  3. Bismuth oxide: This is an astringent and helps with tenderness around the area of the anus.

How can it be taken?

The form of this medication can be found in a variety of options to suit anyone’s taste. There are creams and ointments, as well as suppositories available for the types of entry method. The creams or ointments are mostly for topical purposes, while the suppositories are the entrance into the rectum through the method of drug insertion. The difference sources provide different effects, pros, and cons for the treatment.

Do Not Hesitate!

Although having piles might seem as if it is overwhelming and providing the most discomfort, it is comforting to know that there is an excellent medication driven to providing healing, soothing, and curing treatment to your body. If you find yourself diagnosed with piles, do not hesitate to trust this most well-known haemorrhoid management. The worst mistake that you can make is to delay treatment.