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Telemedicine is the most sought after and fastest growing consumer healthcare benefit of CallMD.com. It is based on the principle of providing medical services to people who need assistance and not having access to it. This makes CallMD.com an innovative way of getting convenient, afforable, and safe solution to the problems of seeking medical assitance through video, by phone, or by email.

CallMD.com Team Of Qualified Doctors

CallMD.com has a team of qualified, experienced, and state licenced doctors who are oncall 24/7 a day, 365 days of the year. These doctors go through an extensive background screening before joining CallMD.com and have periodic performance evaluations every 60 days. Moreover, these physicians are effective in their field of specialty and share in CallMD.com’s vision of providing medical healthcare to as many people as possible. Furthermore, they are also covered by CallMD.com’s medical malpractice insurance .

Clients can have a consultation with the doctors in the comfort of their own home. Once the doctor diagnoses the problem, a prescription is given right away and medications can be ordered online. CallMD.com also sells medicines for a wide variety of medical conditions such as weight loss, fitness, and mental health to name a few.

CallMD.com Reputation And Reviews

CallMD.com has been in the business for more than 10 years now and continues to get good reviews from its clients. It has earned the trust and confidence of its patients. Its reputation as a good online telemedicine site is established and maintained. Take note of some of the following positive reviews:

  • Shawn reports that he was successful in losing weight with the help of CallMD.com. The doctors recommended a regimen of diet and exercise which resulted in his losing 40 lbs.
  • Lisa, a mother of two, intimates that she is a contented and satisfied client. She is at peace knowing that when her kids are away in school, they get the right medicines they need at anytime of the day.
  • Kyla, a mother of an 8 year old daughter, called CallMD.com and was prescribed Tylenol for her daughter’s fever. Her daughter’s fever subsided with the medicine.

CallMD.com Discounts And Coupon Codes

CallMD.com is an online telemedicine site that offers safe and quality products at a discounted rate. It has earned many good reviews from its satisfied clients through the years. But this site does not offer any coupon codes on its products.

As it introduced a innovative approach to its doctor/patient relations through the use of telemedicines, it has engaged a three pronged approach to its marketing strategy by the use of the following methods:

  • 24/7 doctor on call service through email, video call and landline
  • Health concierge
  • Savings program

The client has the option which among the three plans suits his need thereby, making it convenient for him.

CallMD.com Conclusion

CallMD.com has proven beyond any doubt that it is a legitimate site although it has received criticisms from trusted website services like ScamVoid but later reversed its analysis. CallMD.com is a trusted and reputable website. ScamAdviser released its analysis and gave it a 100% trust-rating score and reports that it can be fully trusted. However, it is always advised to exercise caution when transacting in the internet.

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  1. this service is the best. They really do care about the customer. They are not too large to forget who is important.

  2. Hello,
    I am a brand new member and my 6 year old has a low grade fever, heavy coughing and ear ache. I called into the number that came in my booklet. I spoke to a woman with a very heavy accent that just could not pronounce names correctly took my info down and said she would turn my info over to the doctor. She explained that the doctor would call me and go over the info with me. So an hour after calling the service called back and then connected me with the doctor. He began with verifying info with me stating my daughter’s name and birthday. He said ok her b day is 4-17-06 and I said “oh wait her b day is 2010 not 2006… he became very angry and cut me off and said “listen I am just going over the info YOU gave the woman … I have been a doctor for 36 years and I know what I am talking about and began to go off on me!…. I was so shocked that I ran to get my husband and put the call on speaker… then this doctor realized that she is 6 years old and born in 2010 , he realized HE had made the mistake and said “oh they get confused on info sometimes…so she was born in 2010… uhh sorry… ” anyway… blah blah … I just sat on the phone and answered yes to him to just get my sick child some care and not frustrate this pediatrician anymore. This was a really bad experience and I really feel empty after this call. He was scripted, rude and said he was in Miami and need to fill the script tomorrow blah blah… he told me more about himself than I did about my child. I suggest your doctors work on their “bedside manors “I have tons of friends that use Teledoc and love it! I, to say the least, did not love anything about this experience! I just wanted to share my experience with you all to hopefully have some correction. This is very concerning and I would rather spend a co-pay and take my child to our pediatrician than to have a doctor on the phone verbally be so rude to a mother with a sick child on a Sunday night. Thank you for listening.

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