Alcohol dependence has long caused an irreparable harm to the humanity. That’s why the experts try so hard to help people, creating the new medicines, able to cure people from this disease. As a result, they produced a medicine, called Disulfiram. Instruction for use will help you to understand, how to take this medicine properly, so that the treatment is successful.

This rug is successfully used as a treatment for alcoholism. It has an inhibitory influence on acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, which takes an active part in the metabolism of ethanol.

Alcohol consumption at the time of treatment causes such unpleasant sympthoms as:

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  • Sudden blood rush to the face;
  • Seer sickness, vomiting.
  • General disorder and poor physical condition.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Tachycardia.


All these factors make drinking alcohol extremely unpleasant. So, it forms the rejection of alcohol and the person stops drinking.

Disulfiram is taken orally, when it is necessary to carry out preventive manipulations, if there is a risk of relapse after the addiction treatment. It is also used for implantation in the period of treatment.

After the patient takes Disulfiram, the active substance is immediately (but not completely, for 70-90 %) absorbed in the digestive organs. As the medicine is perfectly dissolved in lipids, it is fast distributed throughout the entire body and is hold in the fat cells.

If the functional capacities of liver are not severely deteriorated, then the metabolism remains unchanged. And on the contrary, if the patient suffers from liver cirrhosis, the amount of metabolites blood plasma is increased several times. Their elimination is carried out mostly at the time of urinating, the part of drug- through the exhaled air, and the rest leaves the body through the intestine.

If the drug is taken orally, the dosage is 125-500 mg (the details of treatment course must be determined by your doctor).

When the drug is implanted, they use the special way of medicine introduction (800 mg).


As well as the other medicines for alcohol treatment, Disulfiram has a number of contraindications, so it must be used with caution.

The contraindications include:

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  • Serious hear and vessel problems.
  • Serious liver failure.
  • Mental disorders.
  • Epilepsy.


It is forbidden to take Disulfiram together with such medicines, as: izoniazid, phenytoin and metronidazole.

Simultaneous intake with the pharmaceutical drugs, containing alcohol can be dangerous (it is allowed to take them not earlier than in 24 hours after taking Disulfiram)

Instruction for use excludes the possibility of using Disulfiram during pregnancy or breastfeeding. At the time of treatment it is necessary to access to the qualitative methods of contraception, not to make a baby in this period.

Taking strong drinks together with Disulfiram can produce the effects, threatening the life: collapse, edema.