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With one of the highest per month order rates in online pharmacies, InternationalDrugMart is certainly one of the heavy hitters of the industry. Although the base of the company is on the small island in Cyprus, there are other International Drug Mart office locations in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, India, and Singapore to field the over 45,000 monthly orders from the InternationalDrugMart.com website. In addition, the company relies on a multinational group of banks to process their credit card transactions, including locations in France, Finland, Iceland, and China. This large network of background functions is transparent to the actual InternationalDrugMart customer, but works to provide support and information around the clock.

The range of products at InternationalDrugMart.com is very high, with medications and formulations that fall under a total of 15 different categories, including a section for herbal and natural medicine. Unlike other online pharmacies, InternationalDrugMart.com is not limited to a specific branch of medications and sells cold and flu remedies as well as diabetic medications and drugs that treat erectile dysfunction in men. On the main page of the www.InternationalDrugMart.com website, there is a search bar where a user can search for the drug that they are looking for. In addition, clicking on one of the categories will allow a person to browse the medications on offer from the company.

The home page of the website also has a section for InternationalDrugMart complaints and testimonials. In this manner, a visitor can read the positive and negative reviews about the service. If any InternationalDrugMart scam reports are found on other websites, they should be reported to this review site to be marked for evaluation and review. The InternationalDrugMart company believes in transparency about all of their policies and they are clearly listed on the website and in the company’s printed list of frequently asked questions.

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