In case of frequent epileptic attacks, a stable and safe drug may be needed which will help to reduce the intensity of the convulsive attacks. One of the most effective drugs for the treatment of epilepsy is Klonopin.

What is Klonopin?

Klonopin is an advanced drug which is used for the convulsive and panic attacks. The main active ingredient of Klonopin is clonazepam which belongs to the medical group of benzodiazepine.

Klonopin directly influences on the brain and central nervous system binding to benzodiazepine receptors which influence on the excitement of the neurons in the central nervous system. The affection to these receptors controls the neurologic signs of the disorders of the central nervous system and reduces the intensity of the convulsive attacks.

Besides antiepileptic action, Klonopin provides a sedative and myorelaxing effect.

Klonopin is actively used for the treatment of epilepsy because it has the most intense anticonvulsive effect among entire group of benzodiazepine.

Klonopin is quickly absorbed from the GIT and starts acting in 30 minutes. The maximal therapeutic effects is gained in 1-2 hours. Klonopin acts for a long time, within about 18-20 hours, and is excreted by kidneys.

Who is contraindicated to take Klonopin?

Myasthenia, angle-closed glaucoma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or respiratory depression in the background of the lung obstruction, severe hepatic and/or renal failure restrict the use of Klonopin. In case of these dysfunctions, the drug is strictly contraindicated.

Klonopin is not prescribed pregnant women. There is data of the objective medical researches proved that the use of benzodiazepines during pregnancy may increase the risk of the birth defect of children.

The breast feeding is stopped during the treatment.

The consumption of ethanol and drugs inhibiting the central nervous system including antidepressants should be avoided in the process of the treatment.

Usage and dosage of Klonopin

Klonopin is taken for panic disorders, insomnia, or epilepsy. The drug does not arrest the convulsive attack and helps to reduce the frequency of the epileptic attacks and their intensity.

Klonopin is allowed both adults and children, however the dose for children is prescribed individually after the complex medical examination.

Klonopin dose for children:

  • The daily dose of Klonopin is divided into 3 uses for children
  • Newborn and children under 1 year old are prescribed 0,5-1 mg of Klonopin a day
  • Children at the age of 1 to 5 are prescribed 1,5-3 mg a day
  • Children at the age of 6 to 14 are prescribed 3-6 mg a day

Adults start the treatment from the minimal doses of Klonopin 1,5 mg a day (0,5 mg 3 times a day). Gradually, the dose of Klonopin is increased by 1 mg every 4 days up to gaining the optimal therapeutic effect.

The effective safe dose of Klonopin is 4-8 mg a day for adults (3 times).

The maximal daily dose for adults is 20 mg of Klonopin (the dose is divided into 3-4 equal times).

The duration of the treatment is indicated individually depending on the reaction of the patient to the action of Klonopin and reduction of the intensity of the convulsive attacks.

Possible side effects

Taking high daily dose of Klonopin the side effects may happen: sleepiness, ataxia, behavior disorder, temporal vision disorder, headache, muscle weakness, tremor, dizziness, and weakness.

The side effects of Klonopin run their course within the first week of the treatment. In case of the appearance of allergic reaction, fever, and short breathing, the treatment should be terminated and a medical aid is required.

How to buy Klonopin?

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The owners of the pharmacy networks know about the high demand for the drug, and therefore they increase the cost on purpose. The cost of Klonopin is by 2-3 times higher in the municipal pharmacies, than in the online pharmacies.

Specialized Klonopin pharmacy online sell the drug directly from the manufacturer, and therefore the cost of Klonopin is by several times lower in the online pharmacy than in the city ones.

Klonopin online may be bought by everybody, at any time. To order Klonopin online there is no need to stand in lines or have a prescription.

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