Review: A None-Reliable Online Drug Store

Most people prefer to buy medication through an online drug store because of the ease of use compared to brick and mortar pharmacies. is one of the many online drug stores whose main aim is to sell generic erectile dysfunction drugs for men. Erectile dysfunction drugs are the main products for this online drug store but upon visiting the site you will find other products in various categories like skin care, women’s health, eye care and smart drugs. The following is what we managed to gather from their website:

Lack of Crucial Information

Upon visiting the website, you will find a lot of information about their service but if you are keen enough, you will notice that there is no crucial information like where they are located or when they started offering this service. The site doesn’t have information on their products’ FDA approvals and this is a big miss. Also, the about us and FAQs tabs that can provide clarity on their products and services are non-functional and this means that you’ll probably not find the necessary information that you’re looking for.

Cost, Delivery and Payment Methods

This is the place to be if you’re looking for cheap generic Viagra. As a new customer, you can buy one pill for $1.85 but you have to buy at least 30 pills; old customers can buy the drugs a few cents cheaper. The site has several offers for new and old users; as a new client, you can get 10% more pills and an ED trial pack worth $16. Old users have the same offer plus an additional 10% discount; this is too good to be true.

As a buyer, you will get discounts and bonuses at especially when you’re buying large amounts let’s say 100 pills or more. The cost for Tadalafil (generic Cialis) is much higher with a pill being sold at $6.13 and you have to buy not less than eight pills. The good thing is, you will get 10 free pills even for the minimum purchase. The product description is arranged nicely for every product but there are no reviews.

You should check the rates for the two shipping methods offered by For example, regular shipping is $22 and the express method is $25. The two methods of shipping are not well defined such as the difference in transit times. You will get free shipping if you make orders of $100 or more and you will also get 20% extra pills on every order. This is too much giveaway and it doesn’t make any business sense.

The lack of an FAQ section is a big drawback because we have no idea whether offer re-shipments or refunds. This is a question that you can get a quick answer from a customer representative but there is no one online to help. The only other way to get in contact with is offline messaging or email but there are no contacts available for any reference and this suggests that a dubious site. accepts E-cheques (you will get a 10 percent discount for this method of payment), credit cards from Discover, Amex, Visa and MasterCard.


You will find good reviews on from “satisfied customers”. Most online stores post such reviews on their site for more traffic. For example, there is a review that commends for their service.

On, you will find one review from 2014 where a customer complains for not receiving an order 30 days after purchase. Any attempt to contact them went unanswered as the company failed to respond to chat or email. There are no more reviews about

One thing that raised more concern is the site’s status on The report shows the site is 52% safe for the users and it is not popular as it’s rarely visited. The site is 2 years old and is hosted in a high-risk country.

Conclusion is a well designed website but most of the tabs are not functional. The reviews on the site might be good but they are not reliable.